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Home made tattoo - attempt #1

made tattoo - attempt #1 Home made tattoo - attempt #1

I've always been intrigued by tattoos and body mods. They seem to me to be a right of passage, a statement-of-ownership over your own flesh. I remember my first car, a $1500 firebird, upon which i heaped about $1000 in custom options to 'prove my ownership' over said vehicle. But now I'm 30, and should be well past that stuff shouldn't I? guess not.

I visited several tattoo shops, read some magazines, visited alot of web pages, and in the end I felt that (for me at least) for the tattoo to truly be significant I had to install it myself, just like i did the crome tail pipe, power antenae, and 200 watt stereo into my firebird. I knew the job may not be entriely 'professional', but i knew that it would be 'mine' without question.

The difficulty of course is How in the world do you tatoo yourself without spending alot of money on tattoo tools? Well, I know its possible because they do it in jail. I've seen those kind of blotchy black jail/gang tattoos on more than a few TV documenteries. Oddly enough there really isn't any info to be had on how to do it? (at least that I could find)

Never being one to let my lack of knowledge stop me from attempting the impossible I decided to try it anyway. First what and where....well I decided a small cross on the inner upper arm was what I wanted. Now, I knew I wasn't going to buy a tattoo gun, but I'd have to get a needle and do the poking manually(ouch). I also knew I'd have to try to find some ink. Hmmm I could sterilze the needle but how to sterilze the ink? And what kind of ink?

Well, I settled for Mont Blanc Black ink from a local sationary shop, is this safe/smart? I don't know and won't recomend it to anyone else certainly, but nevertheless that is what I settled on. I drew the outline of the cross with a fine point permananet marker. I then took a small artists brush and brushed on a small amount of black ink at the top of the cross. I had already prepared my needle, it was part of a disecting kit I have had, but never used, for many years. I had held the tip in boiling water for about 5 minutes, so it was as sterile as it was going to get.

I began the poking over the still wet ink. It went ok for about 30 seconds, then it got iritating, after about 2 minutes I was still only on the first little splotch and I was beginning to slow down (losing my ability to jab myself with the needle..it was taking longer between each stab). I was also bleeding a bit. I wiped the area with alchohol, then put some ice on it and held it for a good 5 minutes. I dried it, reaplied some more Mont Blanc ink and started poking.

I did this repeatedly for over an hour, eventually covering the whole cross. With the final wipe of alchohol, I inspected my work. The punctures were definitely closer where I had started and definitly farther apart where I had finished, my lack of patience got the better of me I suppose.

I covered it with an antisceptic cream and bandaid, which I changed regularly for a week. I've had the bandaid off for a few days and it is not showing any signs of infection or allergic reaction, for which I am grateful. It does appear to be staying permanently, but it is not quite the quality that I had hoped for. BUT, on the positive side I am already making plans to 'touch up' my work, after the human body is a 'work in progress' isn't it?

about me.... I have interests that range from SM/BD/CBT to Tats and body mods of all types, including castration and emasculation. Always willing to discuss such things.

James [email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 June 1997
in Tattoos

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