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Tattoo Experience

too Experience

I am 33 and started to get tattoos by the age of 24. My last and so far biggest tattoo experience were my black and grey japanese shorts by Mike Leger, NY. It took about nine sessions, something like 25 hours which is actually pretty fast. Its main theme is a snake running from one leg to the other, and I am very happy with it and the way Mike was working. Ja, it hurts. There are some amazing spots as far as the pain is concerned, mainly the hip bones and the butt. The toughest part was to get the lines done in one session.

My first tattoo was a small tribal, something VERY uncommon at that time in Germany where I got it. It was a big step for me being a little geek boy, brought up be middle class parents, studying physics and being not very much supported by the girlfriend I had at that time.

So, in my case, it was not exactly trying to be cool, and I hid my HUGE scary upper arm tattoo from all the people I knew. However, I HAD to go on and get more tattoos, though I felt guilty about it, which might have added to the attraction tattoos had. (But then, they still have though I don't feel guilty anymore.) But I held myself back.

Later, after years, I added both upper arms, on one an extension of my first tribal, on the other one an (original) japanese dragon and a koi.

Then I became obsessed by the thought of having tattoos on my head. I shaved the sides of my head and Alex Binnie did both sides in fluid tribal like lines and dots. I had a mohawk type of haircut which could (almost) cover the sides. After that tattoo my struggle began, could people see it, and what would my thesis advisor think...

Much later, after tattoos have gotten more common and I felt too annoyed to have to think about reactions of people I decided not to care anymore whether and what part of my tattoos and piercings are visible. (Except maybe, for most situations, genital piercings.)

Working in research institutions since then I must have surprised some people by my looks, but in the end I have managed to survive so far.

I am also getting my sleeves finished now, and I am determined to go for a full body suit, getting no smaller parts than one full front or one full back the next time.

I have managed to stick to black and grey work so far, which helps to keep things united. I have found that, over the years, I don't have the urge to get what happens to be trendy stuff. However, if you stay in New York for almost a year, you come to appreciate the Neo American style.

Also, my taste for graphics was more for straight and bold
tribals when I was younger where I am now more attracted to flowing forms.

It is probably because my body is still pretty skinny so I don't need to add more angular structures to it. Or maybe it tells something about life and getting older in general.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 1997
in Tattoos

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