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Working up to a tattoo

king up to a tattoo

It all starts with a casual interest and then like a rock, it hits you... but interestingly enough, you like the pain. Though reality tries to force you into a path of normalcy, you refuse to accept it though it is harder when you are still under the "guiding force" of family.

This is my situation, and it is very frustrating. I am a 19 year old that cries out for a need to express myself, but sees the consequences as too harsh for the present time. I have been passionate about every single aspect of body modification, but feel left out because of not having any.

Its hardly my fault, I have grown up in a very conservative family... a family that looks down on anything "out of the ordinary". I tried to express my interest years ago, but it never worked. Usually my hopes of my parents accepting the fact that I wanted to be tattooed and pierced were dashed when they would sit around and watch shows like "Hard Copy" or some talk-show that featured heavily modified people, and say, Boy. That is sick... YOU would never want that would you?"

If only I could have said yes.

It all started when I was young, and I stared for hours at my uncles Biker Tattoos. He was the rebel of the family, but in some way, he seemed more "with it" than anyone else in the family. I started drawing at an early age, and would sneak a few carefully placed images drawing in pen on me every once and a while. These were never the simple "Popeye" Anchor-style tats, but were, in most cases, thought out beginnings of actual designs. I took various art classes when I was older and learned to draw really well. By this time, I was still continuing the "sneak" designs, but they had progressed to full scale concepts that I wanted to eventually see on myself. For preservation, I would videotape them with my camcorder in case I would ever need them.

I remember the first day I bought a tattoo magazine... it was a dream come true. For once I could see others that really had what I was looking for... true love of body art. After that I spent hours of time I didn't have in the local Barnes and Noble store, browsing through every available bod mod, Japanese culture, tribal design, and magazine I could find to give me new ideas for tattoos. About this time, I realized the beauty of piercing, since I saw many examples of such in everything I read.

Then came the Internet.

I finally purchased a computer a year and a half ago, and got some Internet access locally. The first thing I looked for was any body art related sites. The first place that I found was BME, and my life has never been the same. Since I was part of a local BBS originally, there were some cheesy Newsgroups that the BBS held to help local yokels get used to the Internet. It shortly became a haven for kids in the area, one of which posted a little comment that they want some sort of "facial piercing" and were going to do what amounted to a self-done labret just to be cool. I wrote a lengthy response about history of bod mod and the proper sterilization that needed to be done and a recommendation of a professional. Only after that did I realize that I had the bug... how could I know all this from memory from just a casual interest? Shortly after that, I found the great resource of Usenet... and thus found R.A.B. I have been a dedicated lurker for some time now. I hope to start contributing soon. Maybe this story will allow me to come out of the hole and into the hutch.

Hopefully, as I approach my entry into college, my dreams and plans will come into being soon. It is a new stone in my life to be turned. The spirituality that is described by getting a tattoo or piercing seems like just the way of celebrating this. I really can't wait... I hate being repressed.

If anyone has any words of encouragement, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

Ryan Keough

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 1997
in Tattoos

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