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Prying Open My Third Eye (Part II)

Well what can I say that wasn't said before? Well for starters, hours after writing the BME story, "Prying Open My Third Eye", I was wiping sweat off of my forehead and out the jewelry went. The jewelry was in just fine, and the piercer did a wonderful job of placing it correctly, but my stupidity got the best of me and I was stuck with a hole in my forehead and a dermal anchor in my hand. I immedietly called the piercer who had done the procedure on me and told him what had happened. I felt a little emberassed telling him about this since I have taken well care of all my other piercings. He told me to come back in three weeks when the spot has healed and he would reinsert it free of charge. This came as a shock to me concidring every piercer I have met hardly does anything for free. I get the usual discount when I go to my normal tattoo and piercing shop but never have I been offered such a great deal.

The next day my wife was having some serious problems with her newly pierced Medussa. I called around to different shops to see if anyone could help. Our usual place had a newly trained piercer and the more experienced piercer was at their other studio. I asked if they could change the jewelry to a slightly longer post and the girl said she did not know if she could do anything or not. Now correct me if I am wrong but isn't a piercer who is worthy enough to be employed by a business with a pretty good reputation in the area supposed to know how to change body jewelry? Now don't get me wrong, the normal piercer is great but I am not so sure about the new girl on the block. I called another place nearby with a seemingly good reputation and was rudely hung up on by the girl I beleive was responsible for my crooked Prince Albert, again not the best idea but we were trying to concider all of our options before having to take a two hour trip to Blacksburg. In the end we did just that.

After the long and boring car ride to Rendezvous Tattoo we finally arrived and went inside only to wait about twenty minutes while John was finishing a tattoo. Previous to our trip I put the knocked out dermal anchor and the opal gemstone in a ziplock bag as I was hoping he could go ahead and redo the piercing just in another spot. As it would turn out, John was taking time before another tattoo to fix my wife's problem, so much to my disappointment he was unable to do the piercing. I asked if we could come back on Tuesday because I would have some gas money and it would give him time to autoclave the jewelry. After he was done changing my wife's jewelry, I gave him my jewelry, we tipped him for also doing my wife's jewelry change for free and went home.

On Tuesday morning my wife and I did our basic morning routine of going out to her grandmother's house, having breakfast, and then taking a shower. Afterwards we were on our way back to Blacksburg. The whole way there I was very anxious and often found myself counting down the mile markers on the interstate waiting until we got to exit 118B. We finally got there After we arrived at the studio we had to wait outside for about ten minutes until the owner came and opened the doors. We went inside and sat down as he turned on some music and turned on his "Open" sign. As he was preparing the piercing area for my piercing he was asking me about how I ripped it out. I felt really dumb but at the same time thankful that he was going to do it for free. He had finally set everything up and it was time to get down to businses. Me and my wife walked into the piercing room and as she took a seat next to me I sat down in the piercing chair. He discussed placement with me and we decided a little bit higher than the last one. He marked my forehead with a toothpick that had ink on the end of it. He then rubbed me down with his famous numbing agent. He gave it a few minutes to set in. After that I was ready

He told me to lie back in the chair and look in his direction. He then inserted the needle into my skin which did not hurt but was more of a pressure feeling. He let the needle sit inside my open wound for about a minute to let more of the numbing agent take its course. A minute later he then took out the needle and slid it in the reverse side and made a pocket. He then inserted the dermal anchor and as he was applying pessure to set it correctly, there was a loud pop sound which made all three of us in the room jump. It caught my wife and I by surprise and it also startled John as he said that it always makes him jump because sometimes it is louder than others. After this he screwed on the opal gemstone and cleaned off the blood on my face. He then handed me a mirror and told me to tell him what I thought. It was beautiful. It looked much better than the first one. He then informed me that he implanted this one in deeper as sort of an insurance policy incase the same problem occours as it did last time.

All in all this was a great experience and a great lesson as to how easy it is to rip out your jewelry. It taught me to be more careful with your jewelry especially new dermal anchors. I would reccomend to anyone who wants this piercing to get it. You only live once so live life to its fullest.


submitted by: vampiremcmuffin
on: 10 July 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: John+Rowan
Studio: Rendezvous+Tattoo+And+Body+Pircing
Location: Blacksburg%2C+Virginia

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