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Prying Open My Third Eye

Well this whole thing started a few months ago when my wife and I went to a new shop for her to get her septum repierced. Our usual shop attempted the piercing twice and messed it up both times. Fed up with all the mistakes our current shop was making, we decided to do some research on the internet for a new location. After searching for about an hour we came across Rendezvous Tattoo and Piercing in Blacksburg, Virginia. We looked at John's online portfolio and was very impressed. Another bit of great news is that the piercer is the only piercer in Virginia who is a member of the American Association of Piercers. He is also the only piercer in Virginia who administers a numbing agent to the person getting pierced. This news made us very happy because my wife does not take pain very well. So we called and scheduled an appointment since we live two hours away from the studio.

The day came for my wife to get her septum pierced so we went to the studio and she got her piercing. She said she did not feel a thing due to the numbing agent. All this time I had my eye on a vertical bridge piercing and after John was done with my wife's piercing I asked him about it. He said he did not reccomend it because they have a tendancy to reject very easily. This came as a shock to me because a few days earlier I talked to one of the piercers at our old studio we went to and she said that she could do it with a surface bar and she knew how to do it because she just returned from a seminar on surface piercings. Lucky for me they did not have the jewelry that day so I did not get it done. I told John what the piercer at the other shop told me and he said it sounded like she did not know what she was talking about. Instead he introduced me to the dermal anchor. He told me that there are several places on the body that you can put it. I was very interested and told him I would concider getting it done. We left the shop and returned home.

Over the next month or so I done alot of research on the internet, mainly on BME. I read many stories, looked at many piictures, and watched videos on other sites of people getting dermal anchors. My wife was worried about me getting it because of the pain factor and brought up to me "What if you need to take it out?". I am also a pre-diabetic and have had high blood pressure in the past and was wondering if that would be a risk for healing and/or rejecting. I consulted my doctor and he said I would be fine. That was it, I made up my mind. I wanted this piercing.

Next came my biggest challenge, telling my family I wanted to get it. They caused the biggest uproar about it. They told me all my other piercings were ok but this was where they drew the line. I found this funny concidering I have a Prince Albert and when they found about that they did not have a problem. Despite the rebelious force inside me I decided to put it on hold. A few weeks later we went to see my family which lives four hours away and we had to go past the shop in Blacksburg to get there. My wife decided she was going to stop on our way back and get a Medussa piercing. I told myself it is now or never so I decided I would go through with getting this piercing.

I called two hours in advance to make sure he would still be able to do my wife's piercing and he told us to come on in. When we got there we walked inside and sat down on a couch while John was in the back of the shop. There was another girl in there who was going to get something on her ear pierced. When John came up to the front of the shop he called us back to discuss jewelry for my wife's piercing. After they decided on the jewelry, I asked him if he remembered telling me about the dermal anchoring procedure and he said yes. I asked if he would be able to give me a third eye piercing and he told me yes. He asked if we would mind if he pierced the girl in front of us first since he would be working with us for awhile. We agreed and told him we would be right back. We went across the street to get a bite to eat to calm my wife's nerves. I was a little nervous but nothing like she was.

We returned to the studio and he was finished with the previous piercing We gave him our IDs to make up the proper forms to fill out. After we filled out the paperwork we paid him and he called me back since I said I would go first. I sat down in the chair and relaxed my head. I took off my glasses and then a bit of relaxtion came over me as a song from my favorite band started playing over the speakers. He put the numbing agent on the area and then marked it. He looked at it from a few feet away and said it was off center. He marked it again and told me to look at it in a small mirror he handed me. It looked like a great spot. He asked me if I was ready and I told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He told me to look towards him and then he slowly inserted the needle into my flesh which I could not feel. He then reversed the needle and pierced the other side to make a pocket. He said he was going to leave the needle in for a minute while the numbing agent on the sharp end numbed the inside of my skin. During this time a man walked in and was standing in the doorway of the piercing room asking about getting some tattoo work done. He said he couldn't get any done that day because he had been drinking and I remember smirking while I could plainly see the needle sticking out in the corner of my eye.

After John was done talking to the man he removed the needle and my wife said he removed a piece of flesh from my forehead and inserted the anchor. He told me I would feel some pressure while he placed the anchor. It didnt really bother me that much. A few seconds later he said I was done. He handed me the mirror for me to look at it. It looked beautiful and I was so surprised that there was no pain whatsoever. After he cleaned the station it was my wife's turn to get pierced. Even with the numbing agent she said it still hurt very badly, but that of course is another story. John took pictures of both of our piercings and he told me that mine was the first third eye piercing he had ever done. I was a bit shocked that he did so well. I asked how many other dermal anchors he had done and he said he has done about twenty five other dermal anchors so far. I thanked him for the piercing and shook his hand. He gave us both aftercare instructions and a small bag of sea salt to mix with water to clean our piercings. I have now only had this piercing for a little over twelve hours and immediatly after I got it I knew it was my favorite. I would reccomend John to anyone in the area who wants to get pierced by someone who knows what he is doing.


submitted by: vampiremcmuffin
on: 10 July 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: John+Rowan
Studio: Rendezvous+Tattoo+And+Body+Pircing
Location: Blacksburg%2C+Virginia

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