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Two Microdermals (dermal anchors) on my Nape

I've been looking at pictures and reading experiences on BME since I was in the 7th grade. As of now I'm 19 and I have my nostril pierced twice, a tragus piercing on each ear, several cartilage piercings, a retired lip piercing, and several lobe piercings. I started contemplating nape piercing when I was a freshman in high school but I didn't actually decide that I wanted several until a little more than two years ago. If you're wondering why I waited so long it is because once I decide I want something I like to wait at least a year to see if I actually still want the modification plus it gives me time to do research. I'm not really an "on-a-whim" type of person.

I decided that I wanted two nape piercings when I was 17 and of course since this wasn't your standard lobe or cartilage piercing I decided to wait a year. I did research and found several places in my native state, Ohio, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that the college application process was approaching and I needed to be able to make a good impression for interviews, which meant removing all my piercings for the interview process especially for Amherst College (my dream school).

So, the year turned to two years and several months but finally after recently finishing my freshman year at Amherst I decided this would be a nice way to mark my transition and survival at this elite institution.

On the 19th of May all my exams and term papers were done so I started doing research online about the three tattoo shops in the Amherst area and the one that stood out the most for recognition and ability was Lucky's Tattoo and Piercing. Of course I continued reading about them and looking at things on BME. Then in the second to last week of May Carlina (my sister), Yasmin (a friend), and I walked to Lucky's to check out the shop and ask the piercer some questions. This is when I first met Zach who would later do my piercing. I asked about the procedure for surface piercing first because that is what I thought I would be getting, which he told me about in detail. Then he looked at me and said "I need to feel your neck though to see if this procedure would actually suit you." He did this and to my disappointment and dismay he said, "I don't think the surface piercing would work for you. The skin on your neck is very thick and the piercing would most likely reject, but I do recommend single-point piercings or microdermals. Have you heard of this before?" I told him yes and that I had read an article about it on BME. He nodded and proceeded to tell me about the procedure and that I would have to go to their Northampton shop because surface and unusual piercings were illegal in Amherst. After this we thanked him and went back to our dorms.

That night I called Yasmin, my sister, and another friend, Allison and told them that I planned on getting two single-point piercings in a "mock surface bar formation" in Northampton on Tuesday (May 29th). They all said they wanted to go with me because they themselves were also considering this procedure and/or checking out tattoo information. So, I told them that I'd give them a call before I went.

On the 29th after work at around 3:50pm we got on the bus and headed to Northampton. Once we got to the shop we met Ashley, the girl that works the counter. She asked what I wanted, I told her, and then she asked if I knew about it. I said yes and she said "All right. Well, I have some paper work for you and I need an I.D." So I filled out the paper work and she looked at my I.D. While doing she called Zach and told him what I wanted. He looked at me and said, "All right. Oh! I remember you. You came by the Amherst shop." He told me about the procedure again and said he'd return after I finished the paper work. While filling out the paper work Ashley showed me the jewelry and various threads that I could choose from. I picked two ball-spike threads so she calculated the price. It came out to be $158.20 (2 single-point piercings: $35 each, 2 dermal anchors: $30 each, 2 14g 3/16" ball spikes: $12 each, and $4.20 in tax). Before I went back with Zach, Ashley showed me the microdermal she has gotten recently and said that it was really easy and to have no fear. I smiled, gave her the money, and Zach showed me the way back to the room.

The room was tiled, clean, and very organized. My sister came back with me for the first one and then Yasmin planned to come in for the second because Zach said he only preferred one person to accompany the piercee at a given time. He then asked me how I wanted them and I told him. He then asked me how far apart and I said whatever the standard distance was. So, he drew two dots on a piece of paper and showed them to me and I said OK. He then had me stand so he could clean the area and make the marks. After doing so he showed them to me. I said OK and he told me that it would be "two pinches" and that before each one he would have me take a breath and when I exhaled he would pierce/make the pocket.

"Ready?" he said. I said yes and he told me to take a deep breath. I did and exhaled. At that moment he pushed the needle in. He asked me to do it again and I did while he pushed the needle in further to make the pocket. Then he took out the needle and slide the jewelry in place while cleaning up any blood. "Ok, one is done." he said. I asked to see it so he gave me a mirror and let me stand up to stretch a little and move my neck since I was nervous and my neck felt cramped.

The piercing looked great and my nervous feeling went away.

Meanwhile Yasmin came in and looked at my neck. She was so excited that she squealed. After saying how good it looked she took her seat and I resumed mine so he could make the next hole. He told me to do the same as before and he repeated the same procedure.

Everything was done! It only seemed like a matter of minutes. The procedure wasn't painful. It was just pressure and the odd feeling of the separation of tissue and skin on the second pinch.

I looked at my two new piercings. They looked really great! I thanked him and we went out to the main area where Ashley asked excitedly if she could see what her fellow co-worker had done. I showed her and she said she loved it and might have to get one now in addition to the one she had already shown us.

Before we left he gave me the aftercare instructions and told me where to get the things I needed in addition to the sea salt he gave me. We thanked him again and Ashley told me to hurry back so she could help me pick out some threads after it heals.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I plan on going back to get two more after the fall of next year. To anyone living in this area of Massachusetts I highly recommend Lucky's. I also recommend the piercing. Just do some research before hand! =) Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Zach
Studio: Lucky%27s+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Northampton%2C+MA

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