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Dermal Anchors Away!

So, this might be tmi for many, but February 3 is always a rough day for me. Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the rape that took my virginity and changed my life. Some years it passes serenely. Others, it is rough. Saturday was the latter. Work was very busy for me from 9 - 4 (the Saturday before foreclosure Tuesday is always crazy for bankruptcy attorneys). Then I went home. And I sat here for a bit. Not the best of ideas.

I decided to go talk to the guys at Timeless Tattoo about getting my tattoo idea out of my head and onto paper. Whilst there, I walked down the way to see Josh-the-piercing-guru and Amanda at Virtue & Vice. We sat around shooting the shit, as it were, and, of course, the bug caught me. Nothing like a nice needle session to make one feel better about what's going on in life! Amanda was egging me on, too.

I have all these semi-formed plans for things, floating around in my mind. I want collarbone piercings. Josh and I talked about that. He needs to order some smaller punches (he ran out this weekend), and he wants to order me jewelry from IME. We will do them at an angle to match my nipple piercings! But, that wasn't happening last night. I want some ear piercings, but lobes and a daith weren't cutting it. I got my outer conch done a month ago, and I just didn't want to do anything more on my ears yet. We were talking a christina (Josh just did an amazing horizontal punch-and-taper christina on Amanda), but again, he needs punches and to order jewelry from IME. We discussed ptfe and tygon for no reason whatsoever, play piercings and why I probably can't get a second set of nipple piercings behind the ones I have.

I started thinking about dermal anchors. And, I started thinking about my navel. The plan was, a dermal anchor above my navel, and one below it, too. So, we were off to the races! Of course, he saved me until last. He did a nostril, some jewelry changes and a navel behind a previously pierced navel. Then it was my turn! Wooooohaaaaa!

We took a while getting purple lines drawn all over my belly to see the line we wanted. My navel has been stitched up 3 times from surgeries and the piercing (done by a crap piercer in Panama City Beach 10 years ago) is crooked. I don't know if that's a function of the piercing itself of the navel or both. In any case, we had it looking good.

So, we went towards the bottom hole first. Josh took a 10ga needle to pierce the skin and create a pocket. He then used a taper (I think) to stretch the pocket a bit before popping in the foot of the anchor. Now, Josh is the only piercer it seems in the area dabbling in dermal anchors. He's done a couple napes and sternums, but never this position below the navel. He said he was surprised how stretchy the skin was. The foot was in, but he kept applying pressure to the anchor to get the skin to close up around the leg, if you will.

I ain't gonna lie. It hurt. I was digging my nails into my sides to distribute the pain. That spot on ones belly, that's a tender spot. And this isn't a quick breathe-out and it's over sort of procedure. That pressure was killer. But, I survived! I figure, better to get the pain over with now and have the position just right for the healing process. I wasn't even nervous for this one, and it shocked me how much it actually stung. And I consider myself pretty good with pain. Hell, at one point, I think I even enjoyed the pain.

It bled, of course. I expected nothing less from that spot on my tummy. It's really in the middle of my tummy. And while the placement is flat, my tummy is curvy. It looks amazing. I'm actually a bit surprised at how amazing it looks! It both stands alone and accents that wonky navel piercing. And the scar from the surgeries! I lurves it, muchly.

We used a flat disc on it, so that is is nearly the same level as my skin. I wanted an opal, but was shot down on that, since they sit up higher. He doesn't want it catching, and it will be around where my pants (or some of them) fasten. We did the placement with standing, sitting, laying, etc. But, it's bound to be in the way of some of my clothing. Nothing doing, there.

After seeing it, we decided that, since the beauty of anchors is that they can stand alone, it wasn't necessary to do the top one. It is fun to live with one piercing before getting them all. We just loved the look of the one that we scrapped the plan for the second, for now. And, besides, I needed a few moments to recover from the film of red that covered my eyes throughout the painful part of the process. I still maintain that my navel piercing, outer labia piercings, and nipple piercings were the worst piercings I have, in that order. This dermal anchor is up there with those.

Josh put a tegaderm bandage on it to help keep it still for now. And I've a few more for the next week. No water allowed for now.

Last night, I sat with a sort-of ice pack (frozen bag of pecans, since it seems I left my ice packs at home) on it to prevent swelling and pressure from below. Today, it's fine. No soreness at all. I've forgotten it's there, lol. I mean, after laying on that table for as long as I did to get the placement and the way it sat just so...now it's all calmed and peaceful.

I'll get a picture later. Or, maybe I'll take a pic of the bandaged anchor, and then one in a week. And those will be posted. But, it rocks out like crazytown! I'm so excited!

Josh was thanking me for letting him do it. He didn't charge me a piercing fee (I tipped him grandly because I believe in his abilities and I believe in Virtue & Vice as a shop); he only charged me for the jewelry. He once said to me that he gets to do fun things when I come into the shop. That's a great compliment from an artist, for me. It's always fun to go in there and get something done or just think about future plans. It definitely ended the night on a high note!

Oh, and the gal with the nostril piercing, she was genuinely interested in the sterilization procedures and spore tests. It's always nice to see people who care! ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Josh+Prentice
Studio: Virtue+%26+Vice
Location: Atlanta%2C+Georgia

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