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3rd Time's a Charm (Cheek microdermals)

no more than a year ago I had my cheeks pierced, and it was probably the most hell I had ever gone through with a piercing. The left one formed a red lump of whatever underneath it, I'd had it diagnosed as an abcess, a keloid, hypotrophic scarring, and just a pocket of fluid, regardless of what it was, it wasn't going away. Over the course of 2 weeks it grew to be a 1/2in diameter, and rather unpleasant looking/feeling. Needless to say I had to remove the piercing alltogether.

Fast forward to a few months later, after I had the mass drained countless times, I went for try #2. The lump was still visible, but not bad at the time of the piercing. After being pierced for a week, it started to go crazy again, it took nearly 2 months of draining before it finally stabilized and started shrinking. Unfortunately through all the shit that the piercings had gone through, they continued to be uncomfortable and just diddn't seem to be healing right.

Finally I removed the jewelry and said farewell to the piercings.

Now I was stuck with two obnoxious dimples, tons of scarring, and the piercings I had grown attached to were gone. Fortunately the mass of whatever started gradually fading away within a week or two of removing them the 2nd time. A number of friends all suggested microdermals, which seemed like a silly idea, but the more I dwelled on it, the more I reilized that it was my best option if I ever wanted the piercings back. I read a few articles about microdermals, and all fo them said the benifits were "placement in places that weren't possible with surface piercings, and an alternative to oral piercings" yet I had never seen or even heard of someone doing a lip/cheek with one, so I was still fairly skeptical.

I set up an appointment with Steve at Nemisis in Iowa City, and after waiting for the jewelry to come in (which actually took about a week to get all of his microdermals custom made), I came in after work and got it started. I work at another shop in town, so I got my price knocked down to $120 for the pair, which was a big plus. Steve had also done a microdermal on someone else who works with me right below his eye, and it had healed perfect.

We decided to do the one that had the mass of whatever first, since it was the most likely to screw up due to all the crazy scarring. I had to put a cork in my mouth and hold it with my teeth against the surface he was working with, which helped him a lot, but the cork itself was probably the only part of the procedure that was uncomfortable. He punched it, diddn't hurt at all, pulled out the skin, which kinda stung, and slid in the jewelry. After cleaning up the blood and such, he screwed on the ball, and It was ready to go.

Here's where the problems started. After punching it, he couldn't get the jewelry to anchor, so it took a 2nd deeper punch before the jewelry would stay in place. Now the issue of getting the ball on came up (we weren't using healing nubs or flatdiscs because of the dimples). There was a flap of scarring that managed to fold over where it was punched, blocking visibility of the microdermal, and due to having to punch deeper, the microdermal itself was super deep. After ruling out putting a ball on at this point, we decided to try a healing nub, and discovered that it was WAAY too short to accomidate for healing. Thankfully I still had a 16g externally threaded barbell in my nipple from when I first had it pierced years ago, and we threaded that into the internal threading on the jewelry. I walked around with a barbell hanging out of my face for a few days, until i could finally get it switched to a ball.

IN the long run, these are WAY better. The irritation never came back, I can eat taffy without it getting stuck to piercings, plus the bar never extends out since it is an implant, so it's always flush with the skin, and now they fit perfect inside the dimples that the previous piercings formed.

I have a pair of monroes I'm debating redoing with microdermals now, and I'd definately suggest them to anyone over a normal oral piercing (unless you want to wear a hoop) you'll save yourself a lot of frustration, and your teeth will appreciate it. Also, the microdermals are FAR easier to heal, I've had mine for about a week now and I can tug on them and everything else without problems. Just keep them covered for a few days to keep it flush with the skin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Nemisis
Location: Iowa+City%2C+IA

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