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"Pierced Through and Through"

I have had a long standing love affair with sweet lady pain...almost as long as I have been fascinated by any form of body modification, starting back when I was a kid leafing through the National Geographic magazines, enraptured by the rituals of various indigenous peoples around the world. I first began experimenting, as I suppose many teenagers do, by carving initials of puppy-love into my hands, then India ink tattoos and followed it up with self-done multiple piercings in my ears. Nothing too extreme and I let it be for years, when I concentrated instead on getting professionally inked up. That is, until just two years ago, when I got my nipples done and began gauging my lower lobes. About a month ago, I happened to be perusing everybody's (including the national media's) favorite place to hate, Myspace, and came across a bulletin posting by Didier, at Enigma Pro Piercing. The headline alone grabbed my attention:'FREE PIERCINGS LTD TIME ONLY' not being gainfully employed at the moment, I quickly seized the opportunity to inquire within. This is the first time I had heard about the relatively new procedure known as micro dermal anchoring, and I jumped at the chance to be his 11th satisfied customer. I wasn't sure what to expect as I walked, alone, into the shop that day. I can't say I wasn't the least bit apprehensive, but my curiosity won out and here I was, about to be a test-subject.
The jewelry, by Industrial Strength, was unlike anything I had ever envisioned- the mirror finish of the tiny little L-shaped bar with holes in it; I let Didier pick the internally threaded top piece of the jewelry, and while I'm not really one for "bling" I agreed with his choice of a simple CZ flush-mounted stone. It was explained to me that the mirror finish of the jewelry made it easier for the internal tissues to 'take hold' and this type of piercing has less potential for rejection than say your average surface bar-type piercings. Though removing this type of piercing would actually require a scalpel made incision, I did not think that would ever be an issue and decided to press on. It was just a matter of where I wanted to place my new piercing. Since I'm looking for work, I opted not to put it in a high visibility area, but seriously considered having a third eye, or a teardrop. Alas, I opted to place the little beauty smack dab between "the girls" in my cleavage. I was prepped, laid on my back on the table and instructed to breathe in deep through my nose and exhale slowly through my mouth. I had just started exhaling when the needle tore into my skin, in one fluid movement. It was a different type of pain than I had imagined, sharp but brief, and the actual insertion of the jewelry felt like a digging or tugging sensation that reminded me of my two previous C-sections years ago. Really, it was over before I knew it and soon I was standing in front of the mirror and admiring the sparkly little gem in the center of my chest. There was minimal bleeding, and what swelling there was had resolved itself within five days or so. I attended a birthday celebration later that evening, and found myself explaining over and over that it wasn't glued on but rather an actual piercing. The look of astonished curiosity on the faces of my friends and strangers alike will forever remain in my memory, and by the time I was answering if it hurt or not, that flash of pain was all but gone from my memory. However, the healing process was stalled two weeks later, when an 8-month-old baby grabbed hold of it and the stone subsequently had to be pried from his chubby little hand. Couple that with some vigorous friction and snagging from my boyfriend's chest and my piercing became pretty irritated, to say the least. I've had to undergo some additional realigning (which, incidentally, hurt more than the initial piercing) and the application of warm saline compresses to reduce the swelling and secretions. But even a little setback such as this could not keep me from going back to the shop less than a month later. In addition to having a second set of piercings in each nipple (12 g curved bars to compliment my 12g captives), I decided to have a second dermal anchor-this time a disc-placed on my spine, exactly opposite where my chest piece is. Now, when strangers at the grocery store happen to ask, "Where does it exit?" I can turn around and show them the spot on my back and giggle to myself all the while, watching the expressions on their faces. Talk about priceless!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2006
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Didier+Suarez
Studio: Enigma+Pro+Piercing
Location: Pacific+Beach%2C+San+Diego%2C+CA

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