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noah's first dermal!

To start this story I must state the following:

Noah is an amazing artist I trust him with my life.

Noah works at Dollstar Tattoo alongside JJ Osman, also an amazing artist. For a long time Noah had been wanting to do a dermal but no one wanted to sit through the pain. When I first met him that is what we talked about, because we had both seen an article on the procedure. I told him I would totally do it. So after a month or so the topic was mentioned again, shortly after he did my hand tattoos. So we set the date for the Wednesday of the following week. I told every I knew to come and watch. I was thinking it was gonna be a bloodbath.

Before the piercing:

I live right down the street from the shop so when I got down there we hung out for a little bit. While he worked on the jewelry Ryan Band Member and I made some prank phone calls which helped my nerves. The funny thing was, is that we couldn't find any pliers so we had to go to Ace Hardware also right down the street; which is funny because I have never had to go to an Ace Hardware to get something for a piercing, it just didn't seem right. haha. The owners stared at us hard as we went in the back and got the plIers they were like 80. We then came back and Noah went back to working on the jewelry. He made a few prototypes before making the one we were going to use because we wanted it to be perfect.

The Procedure:

Noah prepared the piercing table with lots of paper towels, so they would catch the blood. I laid down as Noah got out the ink and toothpick for the lines. He made a dot where the starting point was and made a line determining how far to go back under the skin. After sterilizing the area, he then started the initial piercing, he used a 14 gauge needle to do this. My girl friend held the forceps which funny enough was the worst pain of it all, those forceps fucking hurt. He slid the needle back to the line he had marked on my skin at an angle. This part of the procedure was relatively painless, I guess because I was already numb from the forceps. He went for the first taper which went from a 10 to a 0 which didn't really have any trouble stretching it was just slow. This is when it started to get a little more uncomfortable. I also found this to be the funniest part because there were around 8 people in the room and they were all starting to walk out because of they couldn't handle the fact that we were inserting such a large gauge in my arm. He then had to go from the 0 to a 2 but there was a slight pause because he had to go get the taper and remove the package. The wait didn't feel too great as it started to kind of close up. He then returned with the 2 gauge taper. When he attempted to insert the taper he ran into the problem of it not wanting to go in; so instead of forcing the taper possibly ripping the pocket he attempted to insert the jewelry and position it in the pocket, which was a success. We took a few pictures and bandaged it up because I had to leave to go to band practice.

The next few days:

I found them to be annoying because the bandage I applied gave me a gnarly rash, and it was quite sore. I also had a lot of problems sleeping because of the place I got the dermal. After soaking it in sea salt and cleaned it up I noticed that it wasn't entirely staying in due to the pocket not being healed; so I kept a bandage on it to keep it straight till it could heal a little more.

A month later:

The barbell was a little too long so it wanted to hang out a little bit. It never got infected or anything it actually sits in the pocket perfect. It has to be one of my favorite piercings. Overall the piercing was a quite a success, and it didn't cause that much pain.


People still ask me how it works. The first question is "Is it glued on?", or my favorite "Wheres the other side?". Not too long ago I got the "you're fucking nuts" response which ended with them suggesting I get a barbell through my stomach that comes out my anus.Some people are just really weird.


I plan on getting more in the future. I will probably have a few rows on each arm. All will definitely be done by Noah. I think we should take the procedure a few more steps up and get some new concepts to help inspire other people into making something even greater; because piercings and tattoos are an art form that keeps expanding.


submitted by: xXproudXx
on: 11 April 2006
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: noah+childs
Studio: dollstar+tattoo
Location: maysville+kentucky

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