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Office supplies on my body.

While searching BME at work one day, I stumbled across the photo area for staples. I was instantly drawn to these piercings. They looked cool and they were different, and I was guessing they would be painful. I searched BME for a wile longer looking at more photos, and just knew I had to get them. They were one piercing that I knew nobody else had in my area.

First step was to go around to the local piercing shops and see if they could do them. I found a great deal of resistance from the local piercers. Some never heard of them, while others didn't do them. A couple of piercers told me that I was nuts or just plane insane. They would pierce a mans penis, but not do staples. I did not let this discourage me since I had an ace in my pocket.

One day while at Flesh Chamber getting something done, I asked Steve and Damien about getting staples done. They told me that they could do them but would have to order the staples. This is an unusual piercing and they haven't even done them at the time. We discussed it in some detail that visit. I originally wanted them running down the center of my lower arms, but they had informed me this would not be the best place. They gave me some suggestions and the one I liked the best was below the collar bone. They told me that they would get in contact with me once the staples had arrived. They seemed as excited as I was about the whole thing. Piercers love to be challenged and try something new. This was the ticket.

They originally told me that they would have them in about a month, but do to delays by the company it took much much longer. The company kept delaying and making promises that were broken many times. When they finally did send the stuff out, it wasn't even the correct item. Pyrex was not going to work for this project. The correct items finally arrived and I was contacted. I was thrilled about this!

It took me a while to get up there. My friend who usually accompanies me was in a bad motorcycle accident that summer and had broke her back. So she was hurting and being a bitch like normal. I made one appointment and she backed out. I'm not going alone to get pierced. Besides, who would there be to take photos? A few months later I crashed my dirt bike and broke my arm in three places and fractured it in one other spot. This sort of delayed me again. My sling went right across my shoulder blade and would not allow the piercing. It was also irritating my nape which was fully healed. It would really do havoc on a fresh piercing. Well I had decided the hell with it, I was going to get at least one. Made the appointment and all seemed good. But at the last minute my friend backed out again. I was a bit hurt, but life goes on. I can't be mad at her, her back was still healing.

A few more months passed and my sling was removed, then the arm brace. I was getting back to normal so I decided it was time to do them. I called my cousin this time, who is un modified to come with me. I knew she wouldn't back out. With a few days left I gave my friend the opportunity to join us. She seemed to want to, but didn't in the end do to her back. She was a passenger on a bike when it was dumped and she went sliding 450 feet. Its taking her a long time to heal and I fully understand.

Saturday finally came and we drove up to Appleton. The drive was over an hour long as normal. They are the best in the state so it was well worth the trip. I got myself in the correct mind-set listening to some heavy metal on the way up. During this time, I contemplated on what other piercings I should get. I had two more in mind, but could not afford both of them. Finally got there and I could just feel my adrenalin pumping. I was finally there and I was ready for the pain!

Damien took me to the piercing room right away and we started talking. We caught up on what was all new and I found out why Steve had left. I asked about Jeff and Dave since I wanted to show them the progress of my brands and tattoo (both experiences are up on BME). Unfortunately they were out for the day. Sat there and talked a bit more. I found out he holds, or held the record for most piercings in the United States at one time. He no longer has all of them. He also told me about the guy he had done a staple too earlier that week and how the staple was too long, he assured me that mine were just fine. If you can't communicate with your piercer, what's the point? You have to feel safe and at home with them. And as always Damien was the nicest piercer I've met (With the exception to the really hot girl in Fon du Lac. Come on, she was hot!).

I finally got a look at my staples. They are 14 gauge and about 2 inches long exposed above the skin. I removed my shirt and Damien started taking measurements. He asked me around where I wanted them positioned. I told him the best area I thought and he started marking dots on my skin for where the staples would be. He kept re-measuring and changing locations until he thought they were just right. He had me stand up and asked me if I ever broke my collar bone. Well I hadn't but it didn't seem straight. So he went back at it. It seemed to take for ever to do this, but I'm not complaining. Id rather have him take his time and do it correctly. I stood up again and he was satisfied. I told him they looked good where they were marked and that I was ready.

Next Damien started preparing for the staples. Changed to his pink gloves (Sorry Damien, I didn't give you crap to your face this time, so I'm doing it now!). He once told me its due to his hands being small and pink was the small size. While he was getting ready I asked him how much it would hurt. He said it wouldn't be too bad and then asked if I wanted it to hurt. I told him hell yeah!

Well we were at the moment of the piercing. I was excited and my adrenalin was pumping. He did the first poke and I could feel it. It was a little painful but not too bad. Then the needle came out, and damn, it hurt! At this moment my cousin was trying to take pictures but I forgot the flash, so it was not working. Damien had her go get his digital and told her to use that. Now that's friendly service. He started poking the other hole and this one hurt more. I could definitely feel them. I started bleeding which I had expected and told my cousin to take pictures of it. I tell you, she was fascinated by this whole process. One end of the staple was inserted and then the other. Unfortunately this one needed to be re-pierced on the right side. That hurt like hell. But it finally got in. Wow! One down, one to go!

At this moment a girls voice called Damien. One of his friends showed up with some guy and Damien invited them back to the room. I didn't mind this one bit. It seems every time I'm there a small crowd forms. I like getting rarer things done, and if people want to watch, all the power too them. Besides, this girl was hot!

He started doing the left side of my collar bone. I told him to make sure he goes deep enough this time. The two pokes didn't seem to hurt as much this time. It was either my adrenalin really kicking in, or not wanting to look like a wuss in front of the hot girl. At first she didn't want any when I asked her, but by the end it sounded like she wanted a small one. This staple went in with out any problems. It seems with the two before this that he has now perfected it. He cleaned me up and I sat up to see my fresh new staples. Damn I was impressed. They looked killer. A part of me now had this 14 gauge metal running parallel to my collar bone. This to me was a major step in piercings. No longer could the piercings I had be called the current fad. This proved that there was more to it, and I was here to stay.

I went out to the lobby so Damien could pierce some woman's nose. Besides I could use a short break. I showed the people out in the waiting room and they all freaked. I then got my next piercing which will be another experience written on. Paid the guy and headed home. Damien said by the time i get home, the images will have been e-mailed to me. Talk about going out of your way for a customer!

I showed some family members and they all flipped which was expected. That Monday while at work I had to show people. Everyone freaked out! Not just a little, but allot! They now think I'm fully insane and have some serious problems. Half way through the day the jokes started coming from the supervisor. Asking me which one is positive, and what one was negative. The questions started rolling in then too. The biggest was why? I told them they were contact points for a defibrilator. No gel needed. They didn't think it was funny, how odd!

Well, the healing process has been totally different from other piercings. After one day the redness went down dramatically. I started to notice that the holes were getting bigger. Like they were stretching. I'm guessing the staples are just settling in. There was no pain to these. Just a tightening feeling around the holes. Sleeping on these or moving does not hurt either. A couple days I noticed one was coming out on one side. I started wiggling it and pushing it in. This is the only time it hurt. It finally went back in to place and is healing nicely. I stretch my arms every hour so that the skin stretches around them, making sure that they don't work themselves out again. I clean them 2-3 times a day, with a treatment of Bacitracin before I go to bed. I don't want to take any chances on these. To be honest, there is no build up to clean off, but I still do it.

We are now up to present day and still nobody likes them. I don't think my best friend even likes them. I didn't get these for anyone but myself. I love them! They have helped me find out who I am in a way. I've also found out that by just posting pictures on my IAM page that he has received quit a few inquires about them. Any thing to help out Flesh Chamber in Appleton! I now feel like a new person and I believe I have a valid claim among the body modification community.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 March 2004
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Damien
Studio: Flesh+Chamber
Location: Appleton%2C+WI

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