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One thing led to another.

It all started when I had just moved out of a hick town, Wasaga Beach, to Toronto for school. I was taking a course for Music Business, which I later on regret and found a waste of time. In the mean time, my best friend had moved to Gravenhurst and met some interesting people. Through one of her friends, I was informed about the BME site. I looked at it quite often, just looking at all the pictures. This perked my interest in the bod. mods.
The piercings that I had before were mostly in my ears, a nipple ring and a tongue ring. I didn't get anything on my face because it was getting to common, although I think I want something now.
So as I was browsing the site, I found the page with staples. Though I am will to try more extreme things, I at the time couldn't afford it or find the place to do it, I decided to do a little research on where I could get those staples.
I went to Blair first, but got turned down. He was the name I heard about most from this friend. Apparently he preferred to do other types of work, and referred Tom, at Stainless Studios. And if Tom wasn't available, he would do them. So I walked in, and got a consultation. We discussed why I would have to come back another day to actually get it done: because he had to make sure the staples were the right size, and form, etc. He drew above wrist, as to where I wanted it. Had to change it a couple of times because if it was too long, then it would just poke out, or be too close to my wrist (which would be pointless because of the movement).
I left the place an hour or so later, having talked about the whole thing. A week later, after the jewelry was made, sterilized and the edges were 'sanded' down, I got a phone call from Tom saying that he was ready. Booked my appointment and took a friend with me because she was curious to what it was and how it was done. One less person I had to explain it too.
I sat in the chair and we went over again how he was going to put them in. He then drew the lines and markings as to where they were going in. He pierced four holes. That I watched. It didn't hurt. He then used a taper on all four holes, pointing outwards, to where the staples would be going in. I watched as he did the first hole.
Watching something move under my skin made me feel a little queasy, but I paid no attention to that. I watched as he did the second hole. It didn't hurt, and honestly, I didn't feel anything. But I had to turn my head. In no time, he was done, and had the staples in. It wasn't what I thought it was. I figured I would feel something uncomfortable, but I didn't. I felt nothing.
After he said they were in, I turned and looked, and there they were. A little red and bleeding, but that was okay. It was in, and I was happy.
Tom made me sit down for a bit and gave me some juice because my face had gone 'green'. I didn't feel that sick, just a little faint, but not drastically. One of those faints you feel from not eating enough and working too much.
Ya that was basically it. I sat and had a juice, and after that, he explained to me how to take care of it: real sea salt in warm water. He gave me the exact ratio of water and salt. I double checked on the BME site, and it was exactly the same.
All in all, I'm happy I got them, and happy that Tom did them for me, and not someone who was experimenting on me. They get caught on corners, sweaters, and certain things at time, but it doesn't hurt. Just feels odd.
Going to a show never helped either, as they get red and stay that way for a day or two. I highly doubt I will be taking them out soon. And hopefully I can try suspension soon. So if you have any info about that in Toronto, please let me know (and if you had experience with it)! I'm still debating if I truly want to do that. If I got queasy with the tapering, then how would it go with getting 'hooks' in my back, and being lifted off the ground? I've been told that weight doesn't matter, but it still makes me question if I am too big for it or not. Another day, I will find out... but if you know, please, email me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2004
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Stainless+Studios
Location: Queen+n+Bathurst+-+Toronto

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