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No, I don't have a safety pin stuck to me

I'm going to start off by saying that I've always been into piercings; ever since I was a kid, I was never happy unless I was changing something about how I looked, and it wasn't until I started getting into body modification that I knew it was something I would always love. Over the last 5-6 years now, I've gotten piercings pretty steadily, stretched my lobes, and had scarification work done. This experience, however, marks the beginning of my latest project.

Surface piercings have always intrigued me; not all that long ago, I had gotten my nape done, and I've got more work to come on my back over the next year or so. I hang out a lot at my piercing shop, as my friend Jim works there. Lately, he began trying out flesh staples; it's very much like a pocket, but the jewelry looks much like it sounds, where the ends are bent underneath, rather than just going under the skin on either side of the piece. He had first done one on his own wrist, and another on our friend Jeff, who agreed to be a guinea pig. I loved how they looked, but my wrist would be a really bad place for me to attempt it; I'm training right now to be a phlebotomist, and it would get in the way and/or get snagged all the time. It should be interesting; I'll get to stick people with needles all day long... at some point I want to get into a piercing apprenticeship.

I'd been itching for new work since about a month after I had gotten my nape done, and my mom had told me she wanted her daith done, so I called up the shop and made an appointment for myself. It was actually kind of funny a little later; Jim was at work, and paged me from the shop since I had left him a message the other day to ask about his suspension. I thought he had seen my name on his list of appointments, so I was laughing when I called him back. I asked him how everything was going, and told him that I wanted to get a flesh staple done; rather than doing it on my arm, I wanted it just below my collarbone, and would eventually do the other side as well. He loved the idea, and I told him that I'd be by later, so he'd have time to bend the jewelry for me.

I spent the next couple hours running errands, eating some dinner, and around half past seven, I figured I'd drop in a little bit early. I'm glad that I did, since Jim and Jeff had all their pictures developed from their suspensions with ROP over the weekend. We sat there talking for a bit, as my jewelry wasn't done autoclaving, and the shop wasn't too busy. Everyone wanted to close early, so we ended up heading out of there not too long after eight; we figured it wouldn't be a problem to do it elsewhere, as he had all the tools he needed, and my jewelry was ready to go.

We ended up driving down to Providence, to the other shop he works at. One of the other piercers was there, and hadn't really seen much of stapling, so he wanted to watch the procedure being done. The markings were the trickiest part; if they're not measured just right, the jewelry won't fit, and I would have been in for all sorts of problems. After a couple minor adjustments (and me being told repeatedly to stop moving my arm and head), we were ready to go... The clamps were definitely uncomfortable, but I wasn't expecting it to be a pleasant thing, considering I was asking him to grab a hunk of skin under my collarbone. Once they were on, I tried not to fidget, and he lined up the needle; he's pierced me before, so he knows I start breathing deeply as a reflex... on my 3rd or 4th breath after he had the needle lined up, he pushed... I felt it, not necessarily pain, but like he had just pinched me really hard. He waited a few seconds and then proceeded to clamp the other side. He actually had to stand on my opposite side in order to push the needle through so that he could insert the jewelry.

Putting the jewelry in wasn't exactly pleasant since he had to put one end of the staple in, and then pull on my now-tender shoulder to get the other end in. At some point during this, I started bleeding, and it wasn't until a couple drops hit the table that he decided to tell me about it; so now I'm sitting there, with blood over the back of my shoulder and in my hair, asking if it's ok to sit up yet. Once I did, I had to grab a handful of gauze to catch the rest of the blood. I rarely bleed, more than likely it was because only one end of the piercing was occupied with jewelry, and the other had nothing.

Afterwards, it bled for a bit, so I spent a while walking around holding a cotton ball to it. Sleeping that night wasn't bad, and I've had no problems with it shifting during movement, which is great. I had to have Jim bend out the jewelry after a week because it was sitting a little off, but it's been much better, and I'm looking forward to having it heal and getting the other side done. I love how it looks; though my family is less than supportive of it, my mother asked if I had gotten into an accident, and I've had people ask if I've got a safety pin stuck to me or something. It's been interesting.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2003
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Jim
Studio: Red%27s+Tattoo
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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