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One more step to Borgdom

I have been a peruser of BME for a few years now and thought it was about time I contributed something myself. I'm not much of a writer and don't have a scanner or digital camera to submit images so I've never bothered before but I guess we all have to pay our dues sometime so here is my recent experience and latest step in my journey to become an enhanced human being.

I am already heavily modded well as far as the general public perceive it. I have over half my body tattooed, large gauge facial and genital piercings, self done brandings and implants also done by Spike. I'm a regular at Primitive Origins and have to admit that this experience is a bit of a tip of the hat to them too as they deserve the credit for the good work they do. I have a 'proper' day job so my mods have to be hideable by clothes (my facial piercings I have to take out at work) but as I always wear long sleeves this isn't usually a problem.

I had decided on flesh staples over a year ago but was busy getting tattoos finished so the piercings were on hold. Now I was ready though so I made the journey to Hammersmith to meet with Spike and Kirsty (their second piercer who would be assisting/learning) and see what we could do. Spike explained that flesh staples aren't an off the shelf/page jewellery item in the uk but that she could make them from titanium bars as required. she had a look at my arm and between us we decided on a placement that would complement my existing designs. I opted for two this time as wasn't sure whether to go with a third equidistant from the first two or another pair equidistant from each other but further from the first two. either arrangement would look fine but four absolutely equidistant from each other didn't because of the designs underneath.

Spike then took two titanium bars of appropriate lengths and proceeded to bend them to the correct shape. I expected them to look like normal staples but the ends were offset so as to look S shaped from above, Spike explained this made them easier to insert with out having to compromise on the length of jewellery inside to anchor the staple.

The bars were then cleaned and sterilised while I had a cup of tea and Kirsty and Spike prepared the studio and other equipment they would be using. We had agreed also that Kirsty would be doing the piercings under Spike's watchful eye for experience. So into the Studio I went. I was seated on a low chair so my arm could rest comfortably on the piercing couch. Spike took plenty of time carefully measuring and marking my arm to make sure the piercings would go at the right angles to match the alignment of the bars as well as to make sure the actual holes the jewellery would be exiting from were in exactly the right place. When she was absolutely happy Kirsty proceeded to clamp the first one. It has to be said that this was the sorest bit. No disrespect to Kirsty, the skin was quite tight on my arm and she had to clamp it tight to get it to stay put. When she and Spike were happy we did the old one, two three deep breaths and through went the needle. easy peasy. The next three piercings were done the same taking care not to catch the plastic sleeves or dislodge them. The we were ready to put the jewellery in. Spike slid the first end through with the first plastic sleeve and then squished everything up to get the other end into the second plastic sleeve to put in the other way round. This was more awkward than I had imagined, thinking it would be as simple as normal piercing jewellery insertion but with a third hand to help line thing sup they did it really quite quickly. Second staple now, one end in, second end being an absolute bastard! the suddednly that was in too and all that remained was to wipe up the blood, not that there was much. They took a few photos too so you might yet get to see my mods on here. It looks the dogs bollox and now I can see how it looks I'm definitely going for three equally spaced. One day later and there is some slight swelling but no obvious bruising and one very happy punter. I did find sleeping a bit weird as I have a tendency to lie on my arms but I guess I will get used to that . Thanks to Spike and Kirsty and Darren for making the tea. You guys rock. be back for third one when these two have settled in a bit


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Sept. 2003
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Spike
Studio: Primitive+Origins
Location: Hammersmith%2C+London%2C+UK

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