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Is that really a piercing?

About 3 months ago I started looking into pocketing. I liked how it looked and thought it would enhance my body further. I immediately started looking at pictures and reading through some experiences, which I recommend everyone does before getting something done. I went down to the studio I go to armed with a little knowledge and a lot of questions.

I talked with my piercer and he mentioned something about flesh stapling. I had come across this in my research but the studio didn't offer it. James, the piercer, wanted to do flesh stapling since they have a much higher rate of healing and not migrating out. Also, since the staple curves in under the skin it gets locked into place, which drastically cuts down on the chance of it slipping out. Pocketing has been known to have the jewelry slip out of the pockets with exaggerated movement.

Anyways, I digress. James hasn't ever done flesh stapling before but since I know and trust him I agreed to let him experiment on me. He needed some time to research and get the materials together. As I was waiting for this to happen, I went to the 2003 Boston Tattoo Convention. While there I stopped by Precision Body Arts' booth and talked with Ryan Ouellette. He is the piercer there and has done flesh stapling before. I talked with him for a little while and he showed me pictures and described the procedure. I decided to get a flesh staple on my nape from him based on his knowledge and experience.

I took a little while to finally reach this decision and when I did I had to wait a bit longer since he was really busy. It was finally my turn and I sat in the chair in eager, albeit nervous, anticipation. Ryan got all his implements ready and cleaned my nape. Ryan drew a line on my nape and asked if that looked good for the staple while showing it to me in a mirror. I thought the placement looked great so he proceeded to finish making his markings. He spent a little time doing all this making sure everything was even. He was ready to pierce shortly thereafter.

He clamped my nape and slid the first needle through. It was exactly as he had described it. A very simple piercing since it was just going through loose skin. He slipped one end of the staple in and then got ready to do the other side. It was almost the same as the first but needed a little extra push to get it through for whatever reason it was. It didn't make a difference in pain or discomfort, I had just noticed the extra push. He then put the other end of the staple in and it was done. He cleaned the area and showed me in the mirror. It looked fantastic. It is straight, even, and I am so happy with it. He sat down with me and explained all the aftercare.

It is very similar to any piercing. Don't touch it with dirty hands, clean it a couple times a day, and don't play with it. He recommended some soap to use called Satin soap, which I've used before. He also recommended sea salt soaks and told me the best way to do that was to soak a paper towel and place it over the staple. Ryan then went over the possible risks with the staple. The biggest thing he told me to watch out for was the staple coming out. The first week or two is when it happens most and to just pop it back into place if it did. I thanked him for doing such a great job and walked away on wings.

A few days later I was able to go to my studio I usually go to and talk to James. I told him everything that Ryan had told me about staples and showed him it. Once he has everything he needs I'll be getting a couple done from James as well.

It's been about a week since it was done and I've had no problems. It's healing well and isn't sore at all. The only soreness I notice is if I put pressure on it such as sleeping with the pillow pressing against it. The only trouble is when people refuse to believe that it's an actual piercing and not just stuck there. I've even had someone ask to pull on it to prove it.

Ryan had done an excellent job. He was completely professional and sterile with everything he did. He answered all my questions and showed that he had experience as well as knowledge behind him. I'm glad I was able to talk with him and get a staple from him as it gives me information to pass along to James.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2003
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Ryan+Ouellete
Studio: Precision+Body+Arts
Location: 2003+Boston+Tattoo+Convention

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