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The rise and fall of my flesh staples

It has been some time since the implementation and subsequential removal of my flesh staples. I belive the staples would still be with me today if my lifestyle choices were different. They did take a lot of punishment at various concerts and clubs.

I had been waiting for flesh staple for quite some time and the opportunity to have them done was quickly approaching. I was excited, more so than with any other piercing I've had. But as I got closer and closer to the studio I could feel the nerves and the slight twitch in my little fingers. No amount of Marlboro reds or carbonated refreshment were going to help these jitters.

After an ample wait my time was near. I entered in to the piercing room with an almost sickly taste at the back of my throat. But I knew I was ready for my new shiny bars. I took a seat and looked at the fiendish implements on the side in sterile packets. I engaged in idle banter with the practitioner as I waited for my staple to come out of the auto clave.

The somewhat intimidating man placed on a pair of latex gloves and picked up the all important marker pen and ruler. After my arm had been wiped down with a alcohol swab, an ornate grid was drawn on my arm with entry and exit holes marked exactly, erased and redrawn many times for perfect placement. It was time, the pen lid was places back on the pen. I must have looked somewhat distressed at this point as ambient music was put on as opposed my music of choice which happen to be quite aggressive.

The staples were now out of the auto clave and with out me knowing what was going on I could see the rather intimidating needle blade ready for insertion. I felt the squeeze of the clamp as it was tightened. The clamp was checked to be in the right place in comparison to the vital placement dots. I felt the tip of the needle and then a hot sensation and the needle was poking out the other side. The clamps were released and the needle left in. One half of the staple was put through the piercing following the needle out of the exit hole.

The second hole was clamped up and pierced. It was a bit more of a pinch than the previous one but still quite tolerable. The clamp was removed and quite a lot of flesh movement was required to hook the second half of the staple through the piercing. But despite the extreme movement there was no pain to speak of. I'm guessing by this point natural pain killers were kicking in. But there it was, a shiny new staple.

The process was repeated for the second staple, the only difference is that the piercings hurt progressively more. I left for home that evening "upgraded" and a lot happier than I normally am. I was quite happy that the staples settled down very nicely and looked fantastic for a couple of months until my lifestyle caught up with them.

One night of alcohol abuse and excessive head banging left one of my staples in a bit of a bloody mess. From there is all went downhill. It seemed that the outside hole of the staple slightly migrated and it was rubbing on a nerve or tendon. I could feel tingling down my little finger almost constantly. This sometimes was quite painful and got to the point where I could not grip things properly.

I phoned my local studio and arranged for the problematic staple to be removed. This required the use of some rather daunting bolt croppers. I followed my piercer to the piercing room. I placed my arm on the bench. The piercer put on some latex gloves and picked up the bolt croppers. He knelt down to be at the same level as my arm. He placed the bolt croppers at the center of the staple and looked to make sure it wouldn't cut me. Pressure was gently applied to the croppers increasingly until there was a loud snap. The sore half was the first to be removed. After quite a painful extraction there followed quite a lot of discharge that could not be excreted before. The second half of the staple came out fine with out discharge or discomfort.

About two months later the second staple went the same way as the first and had to be removed in the same fashion. Just because flesh stapling wasn't successful for me doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. They had a longer innings than my surface bars so I'm happy about that but at the end of the day they didn't fit in to my lifestyle and had to go.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Jan. 2003
in Pocketing and Stapling

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