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Navel Pocket

It all started about 4 months ago, when I first started to investigate the highly varying world of body modification. I thought it would look quite cool to have a long surface bar, going from one side of the navel and then to the other side. So two piercings joined in only using one piece of jewellery. However this was not to be as all studios were not prepared to risk such a piercing. I thus researched a bit on BME and found the wonderful world of pocketing.

After looking around the site a bit my mind was made up, and I started to search for a studio, which would do a pocketing. This was easier said than done, and I thought I would have to travel for 2 and half hours by train and then more by tube to get to a studio in Soho, London. This would have meant waiting until late December, which I sadly thought would be so.

My wait was however cut short last week when I went to Dover to get my conch pierced. As the piercer was sterilising the ring, I noticed he had a pocketing on his arm, and we soon discussed how they were now doing pocketings at their studio.

It was not until a few days later however that my pay-cheque came through and I was able to go back to Dover to get the pocketing done. I got to the studio at around twenty to three in the afternoon, having to pick up my mother at quarter past three, I asked how long it would take as I was in a bit of a rush.

After being re-assured that it would only take about fifteen minutes, maximum I told the man to go ahead and pierce me.

I filled in the consent form as I had already done three times before in the same studio in the last month, and went through the procedure with the piercer. We looked at the available jewellery and in the end decided to go for then 12ga, 40mm bar, in a nice dark shade of purple.

While marking out the piercing he then asked if I wanted the area frozen before-hand as it would numb the pain a bit, although I already knew that it would just slow the process down. Plus I thought, how bad can it be? So I told him to just go ahead without it.

After then checking the markings one last time and making sure that we were both happy with it, the worry started to kick in slightly as he asked, "are you sure you don't want me to freeze it". But I went ahead without the freeze. He then proceeded to put the clamp on one side, saying that this would be the worst part of the procedure. I for one have never found this to be the case, and was soon to find out that it would once again not be the case, at all.

The clamp went on and after a quick, are you ready? The first needle went through, with what seemed like a lot more force required than one any other piercings I've had. The pain I must admit was horrible but didn't last long at all. After then checking whether or not I wanted to go on without freezing or whether I'd rather have the second hole made while it's frozen, he clamped the other side. I braced myself and the second needle went in.

I was then given a little bit of time to get sued to the needles and the slight pain, which accompanied them now. He came back from the other side of the room with the bar and said, "and now that the worst bit for you is done, here comes the fun bit for me. It might however be very uncomfortable for you, it was for me on my arm."

He was not wrong at all about that either, it was the most uncomfortable jewellery insertion I'd had yet, with it taking at least two minutes (or at least it seemed to me that it took about that length of time). After a lot of pushing, pulling and general movement he was done and he did seem quite impressed with his work. I then looked down at my belly seeing a big red patch, from the clamps, and a beautiful new piece of metal connecting the sides of my navel horizontally.

I stayed laying there for a further few minutes while he put some tape over the two open holes which were not filled by the bar, and put some adhesive dressing over the top. I was finally given the usual hygienic pep talk with a few slight adjustments however. I was told that I'd need to clean it twice as often as a normal piercing, so around four times a day, and that I may need to occasionally put a surgical patch over it to protect it, if doing sports etc. Luckily I'm not a real fan of sports, so that's not going to cause any problems for me. Then however I was given the strangest piece of advise yet, as I was told to shave my belly when I got home to stop there being any risk of in-growing hairs where there are open holes etc.

As I left the shop I was asked more than a couple of times, by interested people to show the piercing, as they had been waiting outside, and being told about what I was having done. However I was unable to take the patch off at that point, and thus left a few sadly confused people, wondering what on earth a pocketing would look like.

I got home some three hours late, after picking my mum up somewhat late, to finally be able to look at the pocketing properly (and of course to be able to shave my belly), leaving me here now writing this experience some five hours later with a very happy, if slightly sore belly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2002
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Studio: Lazy+Dragon
Location: Dover%2C+England

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