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Pockets Made of Metal

I had spent a lot of time on BME gathering information in regards to pocket piercings. They had intrigued me for a while, but I hadn't had enough information in the early stages to actually warrant my getting it done. After a couple of months of gaining knowledge, I was still unsure of where on my body I wanted the pocketings to go.

One random morning I had woken up and found myself with this grand idea of pocketing the insides of my collarbones. I had seen the pockets on the outside of the collarbones before, but never on the inside, where the skin recesses when in certain poses. I had immediately spoken with my piercer, Marty, to see the validity of achieving what I wanted.

He made me make all sorts of faces and flex all kinds of muscles from my shoulders to my jaw. I had to smile and frown and make mean faces tensing all the muscles in my neck to see how much of the skin moved in certain situations. It was determined that it could certainly be done and with a good chance of healing nicely. I signed myself up to have the piercings done the following weekend. I didn't think about it at all that week, the decision had been made and that was that.

Most of my piercings and modifications have been extremely spiritual experiences for me. As of the last year or so I have been able to put myself into a state of meditation where my mental being has been unhinged from my physical being. I can do this by breathing in a rhythmatic fashion, similar to that they teach you in Yoga classes.

The day I had gone in for my pocket piercings I had not quite achieved that state of mind and it was bothersome because that meant that I had to be "present" for the entire piercing. I enjoy getting pierced, don't get me wrong, but I am continuously enamored by the feelings I get when I can meditate myself out of the situation. We had planned to have the tattoo artist at the shop take pictures of the entire procedure so we could submit the pictures to BME, so I knew I had to be relaxed throughout the process.

Marty had me make all the faces and movements I had done previously so he could mark the areas with a pen and ruler for accuracy. He was extremely methodical in his practice and repeatedly erased lines and redrew marks to ensure the pockets would be even. We decided on two 14guage 3 inch bars. I was aware the full three inches would not show because there would be some portion of the bar beneath the skin. He then bent the jewelry according to the measurements he took. The bar was placed against my skin to further guarantee the measurements and bends were accurate. All jewelry bent and ready, there would be about 2 inches of bar showing with a ½ inch on either side of the pockets, which would lie beneath the skin.

The needles, surgi-lube and all tools were readied on the desk so there would be no hesitation between each pocketing and each piercing. Marty is extremely organized and very meticulous in his ways, so everything must be ready to go before the clamp is considered. He explained he would first do all four piercings and then insert the jewelry. In doing the procedure this way, there is no pause between piercings and thus my endorphin rush would get me through the entire process. I had continued my breathing the entire time he was marking and readying the area. By the time I had laid down on the table, I had already felt my psych lifting away from my physical being. Marty understands what my body goes through when I am pierced and he caters to my reactions and actions. He clamped the first marks and took breaths as I was taking them. He did his routine of "deep breath in...and when I say...blow out hard..." He asked me to "blow out hard" and I did. He then looked at me and a sked me if I was okay. To be honest I was still waiting for him to push the needle through. I hadn't realized he had already had the needle in there. It was incredible, to be so utterly unhinged from my body to not feel the physical reactions of a sharp instrument piercing your skin. He went through the other three piercings in the same fashion and I do not recall a whole lot of the procedure. I remember him standing over me and clamping and unclamping and moving from one side of the table to the next, but I do not remember the needles piercing my skin and I do not recall any of the flash that popped as the tattoo artist proceeded to take pictures. I do recall the first bar entering my skin because at that point I had started to come down from my meditation and was able to focus on the events around me. I started to get nervous that the bars would be difficult to insert because the skin had to be stretched to accommodate the ends of the bars meeting the ends of the n eedles for proper insertion. The jewelry went in flawlessly. I could feel my skin moving, but there was no pain to accommodate it. Once the jewelry was in, the second side as easy as the first, it took me a minute before I could get up and look in the mirror.

I couldn't wait to see the outcome, but coming out of meditation is a little difficult at times and you have to wait before you can stand or sit up. I had waited a bit until Marty cleaned the pocketing areas and brought the tools to the autoclave before I stood up. Picture flash still popping, I walked to the mirror to admire my pockets of metal. I immediately fell in love and was already deciding on what pocketing or stapling I would want next. It's been a few months and my pockets are healing nicely. I have had no problems with them at all. Every once in a while I will use some sea-salt soaks on them and I clean them every day in the shower with Provon soap. Other than that I don't touch them, but I make sure I wear v-neck shirts so I can show the world the most meditative experience I have had.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2002
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Martin+W.+McPherson
Studio: Miraculous+Creations
Location: Worcester%2C+MA

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