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Excitement Outweighs Pain

 My desire for flesh staples first occurred while browsing through pictures in the pocketing section of BME.  I had seen only a few pictures before of flesh staples and the procedures looked time consuming and very painful, clamping all that skin into forceps.  About three weeks ago I was browsing this section again looking at some new pictures added and to my surprise there were pictures of another procedure, which just happened to be by my piercer, Jason.  From that moment I started getting pumped up about the idea of me getting flesh staples.  I never thought too much about it before cause I knew it was a relatively new procedure and not many shops were doing it.  But when I saw that my piercer was performing them I had to go and talk to him about it.  I noticed in his pictures there were a lot less blood and no large amounts of skin being clamped, which made me curious to how his procedure was different.

When I met with Jason to discuss the flesh staples, I had already decided I wanted to get them right above my wrist bone as close as I could without interfering with my range of motion. We discussed all the details...the design of the staple, the gauge, how long the procedure takes, healing it, and all the other important details to know before going ahead with any type of modification. I asked several questions about the procedure comparing it to other procedures I looked at. He told me he didn't see a need in making two extra holes in the body for the needle to exit...neither did I, it seems like just two extra wounds to heal and also worry about infections entering the body. He explained that he would pierce into my arm, and quickly pull the needle back out the entrance hole replacing it with the staple. I have to say, this I thought this was going to be a painful part in the procedure, especially if he were to have to taper the hole a little bit for easier insertion of the second half of the staple. I left the shop that day still contemplating the idea of whether to go through with it or not. But by the time I got home and talked to my roommate and another friend about it, I was pumped beyond belief and was ready to go for it. I waited about another week before going back to get measured for the custom jewelry. I wanted to give myself time to think about the healing interfering with my job and school and stuff like that. I got measured for the staples and made an appointment for the next Saturday.

By that Saturday I was psyched about getting them and couldn't wait to start. The feelings of nervousness never even passed through my head. We talked a little more about the procedure and he explained exactly what he was going to do. I was ready to get started. He made his markings of where he was going to pierce and was ready to begin. He first pinched my skin on the outer part of the wrist and got ready to insert the needle. I took a deep breath in and on the exhale he pushed the 8 gauge needle through. The pain wasn't bad at all for me; cause I was thinking more about how tough the skin was to pierce. He really had to push hard and kind of pushed and then pushed again to get it through. He left the needlepoint hidden under my skin and grabbed the first flesh staple with a little lube on it. In one deep breath, he pulled the needle back out and slid the staple in. This surprisingly did not hurt at all. I felt no discomfort at all and no bleeding either. Next, was to pierce the other hole and then pinch the skin up with his fingers and pull the staple over enough to get the other end in. When he pulled the needle out of the second hole the blood started flowing but he very quickly had the skin pinched up and the staple in, which stopped the bleeding instantly and also did not hurt one bit. By this time I was very shocked at how painless this procedure was going. I took a 30 second break to have a cup of water and then was ready to start the other side. I think Jason was a little thrown off by how calm I was reacting and showing no pain at all. He seemed a little surprised and kept asking if I was sure I was ok to keep going; which isn't bad at all cause it helps to know the person doing this to you actually cares that you're ok. I stayed extremely relaxed throughout the procedure of my other wrist, which had no bleeding. Everything went as smoothly as the first side, with virtually the only struggle being the actual force to get the needle through the tough skin. This side didn't bleed at
all when inserting the staple, but had a few drips after I stood up and started moving around. I was very happy with the way the procedure went, and especially how they looked when finished.

The first night was pretty painful and uncomfortable. My hands were tingling a little after a few hours and it hurt to use my hands or arms to do anything (which really sucked since I had to work at the mall that night.). It got very stiff and uncomfortable to move around and one hole bled on and off for most of the evening. I soaked them in a huge cup of saltwater that night when I got home and then put a band-aid over each hole. Next I wrapped each wrist with a roll of gauze and got ready for bed. Sleeping was very hard. I never realized how hard it is to keep my wrists from dragging around the sheets and pillows and under my body and stuff. I basically had to try and sleep like a dead body on my back with one arm crossed over my chest and one across my stomach both above the sheets. Needless to say I didn't sleep much that night but when I unwrapped them in the morning there was only a drop of blood on one of the band-aids. I cleaned them in the shower and did mo re saltwater soaks that day and that's about it. My limited range of motion was only the night of the procedure; by morning it was back to normal. It's now the third day of healing and I only have a slight discomfort. Its a little tough trying to remember to be careful with them doing daily routine things but I have notice while walking on my campus I'm very conscious of not brushing up against anyone as I walk by them or bumping them against any objects.

Overall I'm very happy with the results. Dealing with the discomfort is not a big problem for me at although I could see this being a problem for some as it does get very uncomfortable at some times. I know my pain threshold is somewhat high which is why I felt nothing but I think a lot of it had to do with me being so pumped up. So if your interested in getting some flesh staples, make sure you found someone who knows what they're doing, make sure this is definitely what you want, and as long as your able to deal with some discomfort for a while for a great end result then you should be fine. Also feel free to contact me if you'd like to ask me anything about [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 March 2002
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Jason
Studio: Morningstar%27s+Primitive+Impressions
Location: Rochester%2C+NY

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