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My Flesh stapled Minister bars

So now I have my Minister bars which consist of flesh staples on my chest. All this happened last weekend (2.12.2001) when I was visiting Samppa from Madmax Tattoo and Piercing in Tampere. We had a very nice weekend there. On Saturday evening Samppa and Jylppy scarified my hand (different Minister bars and another experience). We also got little bit drunk and visited a few bars, hehe, and on Sunday, in the time we had before my train left, Samppa gave me those beautiful bars. We've been planning to do these for quite a long time, but I had to wait a while because Samppa had been away for three weeks on a work trip. So Sunday morning we all were little bit tired after our Minister meeting. It was so hard to wake up, but we finally got our lazy asses out of bed. I have never before met anyone who can spend two hours taking a shower, but now I know one, Samppa.

Samppa had already prepared the jewellery; he had only just made some of it. First of all he put the jewellery into the autoclave and while we waited he marked up my chest. I was going to have three vertical bars, each 4 cm long, side by side, in the middle of my chest. The jewellery was ready and we started the procedure. The jewellery needed two bevel piercings, one at the top and one at the bottom. Even though the jewellery outwardly seems to be two straight lines, the jewellery underneath goes at an angle, one diagonally to the left and the other to the right. Doing this keeps the jewellery in place and makes it easier to put it in. If you still don't follow what I mean about the procedure, you can visit Madmax's website, where you can find pictures of these: www.madmaxtattoo.com. (Go through piercings to unusual and on to flesh stapling. So these three staples needed six diagonal piercings. I really can't explain how Samppa puts the jewellery in, and until this all happ ened I had little idea of the number of holes that would be made, but now I'm a little wiser.

First of all we went for the right staple, first the lower hole and after it the upper one. When the jewellery was in place, Samppa noticed that it was standing proud of the skin. Damn! He needed to take it out and bend the jewellery back into shape, but that wasn't the only problem. Whilst he was fixing the staple it broke! Luckily we found another fitting one in the studio supplies. So with this problem behind us we carried on with three staples of the right size. We started from the right and continued left, doing the lower part first and then the upper for each staple. It really didn't hurt any more than any other piercing. The only thing that felt strange was that because the skin on the chest is so tight, when Samppa clamped it between the Pennington's, it was quite painful. When he pressed onto my chest for the fifth time, it was getting a little bit tender and I asked how many more there were left to do. I was relieved when Samppa told me that it was the last one. I really couldn't see what he was doing, but at one point he let out a little laugh and told me that when he pressed on the upper hole, it made blood spurt out of the lower one! "Argh! Way too much information for me", I said, "please, don't tell me any more". Finally the staples were all in place and I hadn't bled to death! The final result was so beautiful, three adorable flesh staples, in a lovely neat row.

The aftercare for flesh staples is very simple' just clean water and showers as often as possible. Although there was a little confusion when I asked about looking after them once the procedure was finished. Samppa said "vain verellä". "What?" I asked: "with blood, what the hell do you mean?" He meant just to use water, but in Tampere the accent is strange. They say "vedellä" (Water) like "verellä" (Blood)! Heeh, luckily Katri explained what Samppa meant and I was very relieved. Ok, so now I have cleaned these with water and after one night they are little bit tender and there is slight swelling. I think it will settle down soon though.

So after all this I had to hurry to the railway station where my train to Helsinki was waiting, again. I hate goodbyes, and the weekend was such a relaxing and spiritual one. Everyone was really nice and the flesh staples and my scarification were so beautiful. Thank you, thank you Samppa so much, you are such a nice person and I'm really happy that I've had the chance to meet you. One day I will find a way to repay you for all of this, I know that you have heard this a few times before, but trust me.

Kiss and hugs, Fantomi


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Jan. 2002
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Samppa
Studio: Mad+Max+tattoo+%26+piercing
Location: Tampere%2C+Finland

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