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I am certain that some of you would be familiar with the comics of Verotik, and the character of Igrat, Hell's dominatrix. She is beautifual and strong and has the most enourmous spikes driven through the flesh of her chest and belly. A tattoo of her adorns my left calf, her indignance for the world to see. This and other factors drove me to research the possibility of such a thing in real life, although I am very happy with my tummy, it felt empty and alone between all of the other things happening on the front of me. For a particular benefit show we did several years ago, we did a scaled down version, small 14g piercings with lovely one inch spikes poking out of the sides, with several 12g rings hanging below. They were so beautiful, but could only be left in for a couple of days.I bear the tiny white scars to this day. This small taste only furthered my interest in exploring the possibilty of something more permanent. I started training my waist, full-time for about a year. I put my further stomach plans on hold. Then the family curse caught up with me, I suffer from ulcerative colitis, my body cannot digest food properly, and it is very painful at times. My tiny waist plans are on hold as well. Now we discussed the plans for my stomach more seriously, I had been taking very good care of myself for some time, and my tummy deserved its time to "shine" again. There was the option of ordering in some custom surface bars, but this never seemed to happen. Past experience with surface bars in my body had started well, but had ended in rejection and more tiny white scars. This was about he time that Rick would have discovered stapling on BME. He became very excited, and wanted to try some. He sudied the pictures fervently, and experimented with some implant grade wire he had on hand. Satisfied with the final product, he insisted that it should be done the next day, three horizontal staples down the center of my tummy. When I arrived at the shop, I felt somewhat apprehensive. Normally I venture into things with much research and forethought, but this seemed so spur of the moment. I buckled down, this was what I wanted, it would be wonderful and exciting. We went into his room to prepare. The marking predure would take the longest, they would be perfectly straight and spaced. My previous scars were used as somewhat of a guide as well, and some of the new piercings would go through the old. Rick also checked the wrinkles on my tummy when I would sit, to ensure that nothing would be irritated when they were healing. They would be placed about midway between my breasts and navel. Then it was time for the actual procedure. My skin had been cleaned in the appropriate manner, and I lay down on the table. Each bar would require two separate piercings. One piercing, and half of the jewellery would be inserted, one more and the other half would be. The most important thing to remember is to breathe consistently, and to stay relaxed, it helps. One was done, and I have to admit, the jewellery insertion caused a bit of discomfort from the skin having to be arranged around the bars. Before I knew it though, all of them were complete, and I looked down and saw the most wonderful shiny bits protruding from my skin. There was also some minor bleeding fron the exit holes of the piercings, where there was nothing to stop it. But they were some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We bandaged them lightly to prevent irritation on the way home, and I felt very happy. It was done, I had done it. Several months later, they are completely healed. There are no signs that they do not belong there. Several times I have had to get the jewellery bent slightly to accomodate slight changes, and when I do sit'ups, sometimes they like to poke out on one side or another. I think that this is funny when this happens. The first night at home in bed, when I would have to turn over or move around, I would have to be careful not to twist my midsection too much. And sometimes when i have been sitting for a long period of time I can feel the insisde bars trying to protrude out slightly. It is an interesting sensation. Since then, Rick has had occasion to do several more sets on other clients, and so far they are all going very well. I would like to thank Rick very much for giving me the opportunity to do this with him, and tell him that he is wonderful. Thank you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2001
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Rick+Gilmour
Studio: Adorned+Precision+Body+Piercing
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta

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