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yey im a proper freak now!!

It's been about 6 weeks since I first heard about pocketing and since then I have been trying to find out as much as I can about it. I haven't got any really strange piercings or even loads (triple belly, double tongue) but this piercing just looked really good and I love things that aren't conventional. When I went to have my double tongue bars shortened I asked my body piercer what he thought about it an he gave me a funny look and said, I've done it once but it was a vertical piercing and it just grew down until it came out. He said he had tried using various materials. At this point I had serious doubts until he said he was happy to do it and he would do it for free!! So anyway I have decided to go through with it. I want two horizontal bars on my left upper arm. I phoned him up today to ask about when he could do it and he told me to send him the information I had about it with my number and he would call me back once he had read it. We've got to decide on the material, he's suggested a type of plastic. So that's the point I'm up to now, I have all the information I can get my hands on so now I've just got to wait.

About two weeks has passed now and about four days ago I got a phone call so I went to the shop to have another word about it. We talked about where it would be, how long it would be and what material we would use. I decided to have four mm showing so the bar would be about 5mm in total length. He suggested that the best material would be PFTA because it would move with my skin. He also said he thought it would be best to only get one done first and see how it works out so I said I was fine with that. So now it is the day I'm going to get it done, I didn't really believe I was actually going to get it done until I was sitting on the seat with my arm all marked out. The piercer who was called Gary was really nice and he kept asking if I was ok and telling me what he was going to do to reassure me. He froze my arm and got the needle and pierced the incision closest to my body first and slid the PFTA into it. This one didn't hurt at all and I felt completely relaxed then. The second incision wasn't as simple as the other one because the PFTA kept coming out the front hole when he was trying to get it in the back pocket. It eventually went in when he put the back piece in first and then the front one. He told me to keep it bandaged up so I don't accidentally pull it out or anything like that. So now I have my left arm pocketed it is day three and I've had very little pain from it so far except when my mate accidentally hit me on it. I have found small amounts of blood on the bandage in the mornings, which I have just soaked of with hot water. I am really impressed with the PFTA because when he first put it in the bar didn't sit on top of my arm properly there was a gap between the skin and my arm. Gary told me to try using a hair dryer on it while pressing on the bar so it moulds to my skin shape. I found a nice hot shower worked really well. My only worry about this piercing is on one side I can feel the end of the bar and it feels like it is going to pop through the skin, hopefully it is just me being paranoid though. If this piercing doesn't go wrong or grow out the piercer is hopefully going to change the PFTA for an metal bar of some kind, when you think about it the really is so much you can do with this piercing, it's just a case of dreaming it up. I think it looks really cool but I've had some pretty mixed reactions on it, my best mates all think it's really cool and different and have never seen it before. People such as friends at college think I have serious issues and need help and my mother thinks it's really sick but what the hell it's my body! Well that's basically everything I can tell you, thank you for reading my story. If you want to ask me any questions then please e-mail me and I will have a go at answering them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2001
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Body+Custom
Location: Bognor+Regis%2C+England

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