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My pocketing

OK, well to start off let me say that I've been wanting to get pocketed for about a year. Ever since I probably first took a glance at one in some magazine or actually come to think of it I probably first saw it on BME. I've looked around at differant shops and asked around at differant piercers I know, but to no avail and in fact most shops I've been to (in Philly, New York, and in Boston) have all not even known what I was talking about when I mentioned it! I actually pretty much e-mailed every piercing shop up and down the east coast in order to see if they either do it or know of anyone that does. I've left my name at some places for contact info in case anybody heard anything and then finally I got wind of Lucas Zpira this guy from France coming to New York in July and I could get an appointment. Now this is a drive for me but of course I dropped everything and went there (the day of the appointment happening to be my birthday) and we set to work. I'd researched Lucas and everything, there's some great pics at body-art.net if you want to check it out but it's funky on some browsers. Anyhow he's doing this world tour type thing where he just travels around and does conventions and works at parlors around the globe. His normal place of business is France but he's been traveling all this year. I was so excited to finally have found someone who knew what it was I wanted and how to do it, I was counting the days and could speak of nothing else. So my friend and I drive all the way up to New York and get there way early so we shopped around a little and checked out the shop. Lucas wasn't there yet and I was sooooo nervous he'd forget our appointment or something. It was a four hour drive for me and with work there was no chance I could come back while he was still in town. But he showed up and I finally got a chance to meet the man, the myth.. Lucas Zpira. Now let me say.. he is a GOD!!! My own personal hero. Not only was he well versed in pocketing but when I told him I didn't want to do it the normal way, that I had this notion of implanting the balls he just nodded and said OK, we do it your way. All this as the guy in the other room is custom making the bars to my arm. At first he was a bit hesitant.. like this is pocketing.. the bar goes in this way, I've never seen it that way. And I described how I would want the balls implanted into the skin and the technique a piercing friend of mine had thought of that you'd have to use to do that. He listened to my thoughts and said we could do it that way (which flaberghasted me since everybody else thought I was crazy for it).. he still urged me for the normal way. I would have even gotten it the normal way just because I couldn't even find someone to do it THAT way but I really wanted the implanted balls anyhow. Well, he said that we could, he was comfortable with that, he would just have to use a scalpel.. OH YEAH! BRING IT ON! So he takes out a couple barbells bends the barbells to my arm and whips out a scalpel (mmmmm hmmmmm!!) Did I mention that Lucas is hot as hell?? Not to mention that french accent! Mama Mia! Anyhow.. he mentions something about anastesia but is not put off by the fact that I would rather not use it.. he seems amused in fact. Oh yeah, did I mention he was hot? Hehe. So he slices my four incisions on either side of an existing scar and then inserts a tube to create a pocket underneath the skin where he then inserts the bent back ball of the end of a barbell. Then does the same to the other side and stiches shut. Voila! Pocketing exactly the way I wanted it and nobody told me I could have it. And he didn't even blink an eye :) It had to be the best Birthday I ever had in my entire life or ever will. A week later I took the stitches out myself and now it's just starting to not be crusty. I'm sorry I don't have pics to post but basically it's two bars on my upper arm on either side of a large (already existing) scar. I LOVE IT!! Jez


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2001
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Lucas+Zpira
Studio: Sacred+Tattoo
Location: Canal+St.++NYC

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