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At Home-Self Pocketing

ust 5, I visited BME and found a section I haven't noticed before: Pocketing. Being a manic-depressive, cutter on multiple anti-psychotic medications, I knew I had to see what this was about! I visited the Pocketing area and read the articles and closely looked over all of the pictures, which compared to most other sections in BME, seemed somewhat sparse. That same day I called approximately 10 piercing studios in north county San Diego. None of them heard about this procedure or would attempt at trying it on me. I thought for a few days about it to make sure I wasn't making a huge mistake. August 9, after a long day at work and a really bad interview at a huge cable company, I came home. I got together the following items: Big carpet needle (to hold the pocket open while inserting the ball), small shaving razor (minus the safety cover), pen, carpenter's razor (retractable) used for cutting drywall and a 12 gauge stainless steel barbell, that I originally had my tongue pierced with. I placed the barbell horizontally on my right wrist; the area where you raise your hand and you can see the skin push together and then moved it about one inch up my arm. I wanted to make sure I'd have full range of motion but optimal visibility. I took both balls of and marked on my skin the ends of the rod, then put both balls on and marked on the other three sides of each ball. Because my shaving razor was sharper, but wider than my carpenter's razor, I used it to make the first incisions. I cut about 1/8 of an inch deep on one side then switched to the carpenter's razor. It wasn't quite as sharp but the razor was narrow so I could get under the cut I had recently made and begin cutting a little pocket. I made sure to stay within the pen marks I had made because I didn't want to have a pocket too loose to hold the ball in place. After the pocket was formed I dried up the blood that was blocking my view; with my left hand (I forgot to mention I'm right handed) I took the carpet needle and placed the dull point inside the pocket. Because I only had one hand to work with I gently placed the end of the needle in my mouth and pulled the pocket open. Cross-eyed, because my wrist was so close to my mouth I took the barbell and, with little trouble, slipped it into the pocket. The ball fit very well in the first pocket I had made. There was minimal bleeding but some amount of a dull aching pain. With the barbell hanging from one pocket I began on the other. It took me about half the time as the first but it was somewhat awkward because I had to reach around the barbell to make the incision. Quite a few times I bumped my hand into the wrong spot! The second pocket was finished within 10 minutes. The first took about 25, just because I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. It was somewhat painful getting the ball into the second pocket. The skin and top flap of the pocket had to be stretched back in the same way as the first with the carpet needle, plus the barbell was pushing back against my first pocket. After all of the prodding and pulling, I pocked the barbell into my second pocket. It was a little looser than the first because it had to be manipulated to fit the ball in. What I can't wait for is a flexible barbell that will bend to fit into the pockets! Today is August 10 and I feel great. I had a little trouble sleeping in bed with my girlfriend because she kept bumping into me, on purpose, because she hates the fact that I don't mind trying weird, painful things. I had a butterfly bandage on each pocket so it wouldn't rip today and also to aid in the healing process. I want two tight pockets that will hold the barbell in place with no problems. There is dried blood all around the pockets and it's somewhat painful top clean, but q-tips and hydrogen peroxide are working just fine. Altogether, it was less painful and twice as satisfying as my tongue piercing. I know doing a procedure like this at home is extremely dangerous. I was very clean about the procedure and also had tightly knit gauze on hand along with a tourniquet just in case I cut a vein.. The most important thing to do is to be clean and stay clean. Don't stop cleaning it. A pocket is an open entryway into your body. Whether it's contaminated air or hair from a dirty dog. This can be a direct passage for bacteria into your blood stream, so be careful. Also, be sure to mark out your incision marks, there's nothing worse than an off-centered piercing...or pocket. For years I've been a cutter, scarification because I'm upset. I recommend this to others. When you think about it a piercing or pocket if emptied will only leave a small hole for a scar, not a long slash or burn. Believe me if you do it to release your anger by bringing pain upon yourself, this will work wonders! To some, it's attractive. It's really just another form of body art.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 2000
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: VampAbyss+%28Me%29
Studio: My+Bedroom
Location: San+Diego%2C+Ca

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