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Collar-bone Pocketing

, June 19, 2000 Well, I'm not too sure where to start here, so I think I'll begin with the actually experience and then describe the events that lead up to my undergoing the pocketing procedure...The pocketing was done by Syx out of Sacred Heart in Vancouver, B.C. The owner of the store was also present out of curiosities sake. I arrived at Sacred Heart for a 5pm appointment about fifteen minutes early on May 3rd, 2000. We started almost immediately, deciding on the length of the jewelry (2 inches VS. 2.5 inches, I went with the 2 inch), making final adjustments to the placement, marking the pocket length as well as the entrance and exit holes. If you are wondering why there would be exit holes when it's called 'pocketing', it will become more clear when I describe the procedure. What you should know at this point is that the jewelry is a 14-gauge barbell with, as best I can remember, 8-gauge teardrop beads instead of the standard circular beads. The barbell is one piece of surgical grade stainless steel as opposed to the normal barbells that allow one bead to be unscrewed. Once the placement was finalized (underneath my right collarbone), we began...According to the markings dictating the location for the top pocket, the skin under my collarbone was pinched by hand and then pierced all the way through with a 12-gauge piercing needle. That piercing was then stretched (with a fair amount of pain, I might add) to an 8-gauge hole. This allowed room for the teardrop bead to be pulled/pushed through the opening, with the end of the last stretching bar. The bottom pocket was done in the same way, except that the initial piercing was done with a 10-gauge needle. The second of the two was much less painful than the first because there was so much less stretching to do. What I followed as far as aftercare was to soak the pockets in epsom salt bath for the first several days and then about once every 2-3 days for the next 2 weeks. In between soaking, I used witch hazel to clean the area around the pockets and to remove any dried excretions from the barbell itself. After several days, the piercing exit hole began to heal over creating the 'pocketing' result desired. Because of the location and its closeness to my shoulder, I also took 3 days off work to rest the pockets and let my body begin to heal itself. On the fourth day, at work, the sensation was quite interesting as I could feel the beads sliding back and forth as I moved my arms above my head and the skin stretch. After 6 weeks, I couldn't be happier with the result and am looking forward to having the other side of my chest done (I guess that shows the pain wasn't all that bad, hey?). I'm also interested in trying to heal the two pockets separately with two different pieces of jewelry. The main reason I feel this pocketing experience went so well is the time and care taken by Syx to gather information and other new ideas and insight on the pocketing procedure. I remember it took me about 1-2 week of phoning around to find someone who a) knew what pocketing was and b) was willing to talk to me about it, never mind perform the procedure. It was probably another 6 weeks at least, plus several meetings, before the pocketing was done. In the end I think it was an interesting and exciting experience for both Syx and I. This was the first time he had done any pocketing and the results were far better than I was expecting, and I assume better than he was expecting too. One thing I was a little concerned about was what other people would think about it. Fortunately that hasn't been an issue whatsoever. Walking on the beach without a shirt I get a few stares and the occasional question, but I've become much more comfortable with the pocketing and myself as an individual. It doesn't worry or offend me any more if I meet someone who thinks I'm some kind of 'super-freak' for doing that type of thing to my body and I realize it's not for everyone...It takes all kinds, after all. The first place I saw pocketing, and only for that matter, was on BMEzine.com, and I was immediately interested in having the procedure done on me. I thought it was fitting to share my story with the people who directly influenced what is now an important part of my body and mind. Often people ask me why I did something so extreme (considering my only other piercings at the time were nipple and ear, and since then my tongue). The only answer I can give them is that living in a city with over a million other people, I've got to do something to set myself apart and make myself different from every other 20-year-old in the city.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Syx
Studio: Sacred+Heart
Location: Vancouver%2C+B.C.

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