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D.I.Y Brand

Every month a friend of mine has a show in his basement. About 50+ people are all crammed in a super tiny basement/house. His garage is the place to be, because at the time it was about 20 degrees in the good ole state of Michigan, and about 80 degrees in the house. The garage had a space heater and it kept it relatively warm. The garage has an attic and it has a pool table and a few couches. A couple of friends and I had a brilliant idea to get a brand, a few of them have already had some small ones. The goal we had of the night was to find a design that we could make out of a paper clip that we could use as the brander. After a few more bands, DxD and I had come up with a pentagram, and soon figured out making a pentagram out of a paper clip and no pliers wouldn't work. Then someone suggested "666". All we had to do is shape the paper clip in to a 6 and then heat it up 3 times, creating in actuality 3 brands. We decided that a good place to do it was in the attic of the gar age. The 5 of us sat in a circle in the corner of the room. It took forever to decide would would go first and we nominated DxD as the "official brander". We volunteer DxD to be the first one, because him and Danielle already have a few small brands. Kellyrotica and I heated up the paper clip with lighters until it was red then Danielle branded him, on the top of his wrist. I was next, this was my first brand and I had to worry about my parents finding out about it. I figured that i would place it between the 2 tattoos I have on each side of my wrist, hence why its not centered, if it were then I would have branded a tattoo, and thats not cool. LinZ and Danielle were next, it took a while for LinZ to come to the consensuses to actually go through with it. She put in on her forearm by her elbow, she squirmed alot so it didn't come out as well. Kellyrotica didn't end up going through with it, for reasons that I don't exactly remember. We didn't heat up the paper clip well enou gh so we had to go over Danielle's, which sucked.

Honestly, I didn't think it hurt, I actually thought it felt good.. even when I went back down in the basement and beer and sweat got in it. I don't think it ever really hurt, until about a few days in. LinZ, one of the people that got the same brand, her pitbull boxer mix scratched my scab, it was downhill from there. I continued to pick the scab, hide it from my parents, and take care of it as well as anyone could, but the infection got really bad. I began to run a really high fever and could barely move my arm, and still had to go to school. The pain was so fucking excruciating, I can not explain to you how horrible it felt. I even found a friend with Vicodin and took that, I didn't feel a thing, other than the horrible pain. It also made me really emotional, like I broke down crying my Graphics class, while talking to my teacher about it all, I was a fucking zombie. I finally had to break the news to my mom and then soon my dad. Seeing green and yellow puss flowing from y our arm is generally never a good sign. When I went to the doctor's office and they told me if I waited any longer, I would have been sent to the hospital and I might have died from a blood infection. They gave me some ridiculous large dose of antibiotics and sent me on my way. I didn't end up taking the last few pills due to, I was in the Dominican Republic and had better things to do. I was directed to use waterproof bandages when I went in the ocean, but I figured the salt water would do some good..and it did. It healed up pretty nicely.

After I came back from the Dominican my mom wanted me to go see a therapist because I told her I did it on my own time, I didn't want her to hate all my friends, and I actually wanted to see them again, haha. All the therapy sessions ended up being is me telling her stories about all the crazy shit I've done and shows and such. It was actually fun. My mom also made me get a HepC/ HIV test just in case and I don't have either.

For real guys, I don't recommend DIY brands...they are unsterilized. You could loose a body part if you don't take care of it properly. If you already have done this then get tested just in case, you never know. I am definitely never doing this again, nor do I want you to do it.

Here are a few pictures:


this one is right before the dog scratched it, like 30 minutes before


this is current, like as of today...today being October 13th


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Scarification

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Artist: DxD
Studio: Attic+of+Mitch+Chinn%27s+Garage
Location: Howell%2C+Michigan

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