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My experience with scarification.

Scarification is the act of cutting away the flesh to achieve a desired effect on the skin.

It is permanent and often times painful, but when done properly it can look absolutely magnificent.

My first piece was not unlike my others all have been self done and the only difference was the fact that it hurt worse on account of my skill level. I was only thirteen and absolutely obsessed with the band Avenged Sevenfold. And so I thought it would be fitting to get their logo on the upper half of my right leg. Even though I was thirteen I wasn't an idiot about it I had spent a lot of time hanging out with my uncle in his tattoo shop when I was younger and had learned the ropes on a lot of things. I already knew how to properly care for piercings and tattoos and stuff. So I figured this would be easy enough to take care of. I did it with a new clean razor and it took about a half hour to complete. The process itself was a little bit tricky. I drew it out directly on my leg and without even thinking twice basically attacked my leg with a razor. I cut out the outline twice because the first time I didn't press hard enough. Being a thirteen year old girl i was a total pussy
about it. And I just couldn't bring myself to do it properly. The end result was a bloody sloppy uneven mess. I hated it. I still hate it. Luckily though it has faded quite a bit. I don't suggest you ever do this.

My second piece was by far the easiest one I had ever done. I was older now and I now knew what to expect and i figured out how to do it right. Using a freshly autoclaved scalpel I proceeded to carve a heart into my leg after the outline was finished I removed the skin from the inside of it. I would be lying if i said that removing the skin didn't hurt like hell. Unlike my first piece this one healed easily and evenly. Three and a half years later it still looks like it did when it had first healed completely and I love it to pieces.

When I was sixteen I decided to try at it again. I was in lockup and without proper tools I was doubtful that it would work out. But I honestly didn't care and I did it anyways with the crimping of a tiny toothpaste tube. I drew a tiny heart on my hand. And then i carved it out it hurt badly and I kept having to go over my lines because it wasn't sharp enough. I only managed to do an outline because I knew full well that I wouldn't be able to do flesh removal with such a dull object. It took about an hour and a half because it was so dull. It has faded a bit now but I'm hoping to get it tattooed over because it meant a lot to me. One of my Friends got one on his left hand just above his thumb webbing when he was locked up as well. So I did it in his memory.

The next day I retrieved the toothpaste tube from under my mattress and prepared to do another piece. I asked for some water and cleaned the area and the tube. I drew up an anarchy sign but thought it was too plain so I added various little details including swirls and other random stuff that I don't even remember. I started to carve the first line of the A on my leg and I had to go over it three or four times. Then I did the second line which I only had to do twice. And then I was putting the line in between the first two. You know the line that makes it an A and not an upside down V. But of course they came and checked on me. And so they caught me half way through and I am now left with an obnoxiously unfading reminder of my stupidity. Because the letter P will forever be on my right calf. I have tried many scar fading creams and stuff for two years. TWO WHOLE YEARS. But the letter P will not go away.

If I have any advice for you guys it is to get this kind of thing professionally done. The risks of messing it up are just too high. I learned the hard way that when you inflict that level of pain on yourself your hands shake and things can turn deadly very quickly. I hope from this you all learned that sometimes things don't turn out how you like them too.

And when done yourself its pure luck if they do. Scarification is beautiful when done properly. But its something you want to risk doing yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Scarification

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