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Removing a piece of my ear!

31st December 2007

It had been a while since I had removed any part of my body and I was beginning to feel an itch. Back in 02, I had successfully removed half of one of my fingers and this had felt good. 6 years later I was feeling a slight pull back towards some kind of amputation and had been considering alternative parts to remove. Choices included one of my toes or another finger but eventually I decided on removing just a small part of my ear.

What appealed to me was to cut some shapes into my ear lobe. I had in mind a particular shape, a 'V' shape that I wanted to see in the middle of the lobe. As I already had a stretch in my right ear, I decided that the V should be in my left.

One of my main objectives was to face the cutting without any form of pain killers. What I wanted was the raw experience without anything to numb the sensation. Usually I would have turned to alcohol, though I know that this is not always a good idea. However, I am tee-total so that was out of the question anyway. I decided to go for it as it was.

Another aspect of the removal that I fancied was the aesthetic of fresh blood on white material so, for this special occasion, I went and brought a crisp, white shirt from the charity shop. £2.50! What a bargain.

I went to the local cheap shop where everything is a £1. (You see, I believe in the no-expenses spared approach to amputation) From there I brought a cheap but very sharp selection of scalpels and some spray on antiseptic. From home I picked up some 'steri-strips' that I had recently acquired from the local hospital, clean tissue and finally the camera.

I drove the few miles to my friend Richy. He is pretty cool. Of all the people I asked to do the cutting, he was the only one who said yes. I would have done it myself but the location meant that I would not be able to see what I was doing. What I wanted was a nice clean cut and this was much more feasible if somebody would do it for me. I had similar struggles trying to find the right person to remove my finger but eventually, I did! In this case, Richy was the man for the job.

During that period, he was living in my friend's house. He was a squatter but in between places so my mate had opted to let him stay upstairs till he found somewhere else. Richy however thought that it would be a little disrespectful if we were to cut a piece out of my ear in my friend's kitchen. I thought that it would be quite funny but then I have always had a little dark side to my humour. I respected Richys wishes and we decided to drive around to the last squat he was at which was still empty. Armed with the tools and a couple of women on photo and swab duty, we took the short trip around to the squat.

It was a cold evening and the squat was damp. A large hole in the roof meant that the kitchen had plenty of mould and the air was crisp. We scouted the rooms, finally deciding on a small, clean room upstairs at the front of the house. An 'anarchy' sign had been spray painted on the seat Appropriate for our mission I thought.

I changed my top into my new shirt, my nipples sticking out like bullets because of the cold. I was shivering but they laughed. We decided on a plan of action such as how I would position my ear, who would take the shots, even what we would do if one of the girls fainted. I tried to reconcile them that there would not be much blood but they prepared themselves for the worst.

In all honesty, I was prepared for it to hurt like hell. I put a little bit of cloth in my mouth to bite on to save my already chipped teeth. I positioned myself on the floor with my ear resting on a little table besides my head. Photographer at the ready, scalpel in hand, I gave the nod for the show to commence and that it did.

There was a little commotion around me, like a little stirring of people all looking directly at my ear. The camera clicked, clicked. 'oohhhhh' and 'aahhhhh' were mumbled as Richy began the process and there was talk of blood. I could not feel anything yet though.

How could there be blood if I haven't yet felt anything?

"Well that's half of the cut done" Richy said.

I removed the idiotic gag from my mouth in contention.

"But I haven't felt anything yet".

But it was true. Richy had indeed done half of the cut and was already commencing with the second half of the V. There was no pain, only numbness. The camera clicked, clicked and faces marvelled as the blood began dripping from the wound down my neck. It made me shiver. Another minute and it was all over.

I stood up and again shivered as the cool 'drip' hit first my neck then ran a red a passage down into my chest. I looked over to my shoulder and smiled. The redness was spreading. It was on my collar and shoulder and was making its way across the chest of my shirt. The camera clicked, clicked.

The wound was cleaned and sprayed and then a little more cut off for good measure. Again it was cleaned, sprayed and dried. The small steri-strips were applied, gently covering the fresh dissections but making sure the two opposing sides were kept apart. The last thing I wanted to do was ended up with the cut closing back in on itself. The job was done and the camera clicked, clicked.

That night was New Years Eve and there was some serious partying to be had. I attended in my blood soaked shirt and freshly cut ear much to the amazement of some of my friends. There were a few puzzled faces that night.

I decided that tonight was also going to be my last night of any form of drug taking for one whole year. I wanted to test to see how that would affect me and to see how difficult it would be. So in celebration, I got totally off my face. It was a great night and the camera clicked, clicked throughout the whole spectacle!


submitted by: iamere
on: 30 June 2008
in Scarification

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Artist: Richy
Studio: In+a+squat
Location: Birmingham%2C+England

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