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In honor of Fight Club

I've been into scarification for about 2 years now, but never thought that I would have the guts to do it myself. I got out a single-edged razor blade and thought of places that I could put my symbol that I had in mind. It's a symbol used long ago by Alchemist. It stands for Lye, the highly-corrosive chemical used in making soaps. The symbol is a rectangle with an upside down capital 't' placed in the middle on the bottom half of the triangle. I also decided to use this specific symbol for my first try because it was all just straight lines and figured I'd fuck it up if I tried to create curves. I need alittle more practice before I do that.

I was alittle nervous so I tested to see how sharp the razor was by cutting a little line down my left hand. I watched the blood flow and was immediately excited to get started! I tested different places on my body to see which place had the least amount of pain, but decided that no matter where I cut, it still was going to hurt. I read that the places on your body that were fattier like your thighs didn't hurt as bad as places like your ankles or the back of your hands, but I find that it hurts even MORE on the fattier places than the thinner areas!

I decided that I would put my symbol above my ankle on my right leg. I figured my parents wouldn't notice it too much there. I pulled up my pant leg, drew out the design with a marker, and braced myself as a cut into my leg. My hand was very shakey at first and I had to brace my wrist with the other hand.

It hurt at first and I was hesitant to continue, but I wasn't going to pussy out, so I kept going. When I had completely traced the design out, I went back over it about 3 more times to make sure that I had gone deep enough. It grossed me out at first, because I could feel the razor cutting through layer after layer of skin. After awhile, the pain went away, but the bleeding increased. I ended up with blood all my bed and hands. Even after I washed my hands, they're still alittle sticky feeling!

Because it wouldn't stop bleeding, I folded up a tissue and tightly taped it over the wound. In about 10 minutes, the bleeding had stopped and I went into the kitchen to get a some band-aids and some hydrogen peroxide, because I read that cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide slowed the healing process down and made a better scar. I cleaned the wound really well and decided to leave it alone for the night.

As I'm sitting here, it's beginning to burn and sting alittle, because my pant leg is continually rubbing on it. The whole time I was cutting out the symbol, my adrenaline gave me the best rush of my life. After I had finished, I was so light-headed from the rush of the pain that I had to take some deep breaths to make sure that when I stood up I wouldn't just topple over. Thank God that I was able to stand after about 3 minutes. After I had cleaned all the blood away, I was mesmerized at how beautiful it looked. The lines were so straight and cherry red. I was really tempted to do another piece of scarification right away, but decided against it!

I'm really excited to see it create a nice, little scar. If you want to see what symbol I chose, go to: http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/40/4022.html. I chose this symbol, because it reminds me of the great movie/book by Chuck Palaniuk called Fight Club. :D You know, where they pour Lye on their hand and let it burn a nice little lip print into the back of their hand. It's my favorite part in the movie and I want to always remember it!

By the way, right after I finished cleaning the wound I came into the living room where my mom was. She had a weird look on her face and told me that she had the most dreadful feeling that I was in my room practicing scarification on myself. Is my mom psychic or what?! :P

I plan on doing some more scarification when this wound is healed all of the way. I want to see how much I have to mess with it to make a nice scar. I'm alittle nervous, because I have such fair skin and normally any scars I have disappear within a couple of months. But I'm sure if I fuck with it enough, it'll stay there. I just hope I don't have to explain to my mom why I have a scar that's shaped like a rectangle on my leg! :P

WARNING: Do not attempt this without precise knowledge about the aftercare and possible consequences! If not properly taken care of, bacteria can infect the wound, making you very sick. You could even catch gangrene - a flesh-eating bacteria - if you aren't careful! Good luck and be safe!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Aug. 2006
in Scarification

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