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DIY Scarification

So im 15, a girl and live near London. I have a non-deep hand web piercing and I want my septum and right cheek pierced. Parents really dislike body mods of all kinds and are against me getting any more, full stop. I managed to persuade them that it was legal for me to get my hand pierced when I was 15, and told the piercer guy I was 16, he didn't ask ID. The day I get a tattoo or another piercing, is the day I move out [and my parents really would kick me out.]

No one in my family has tattoos or anything other than ear lobes pierced. So its pretty strange me getting my hand web, let alone even think about scarification. And I was, a lot. I saw it on a TV program first, and thought that anyone who done that must be mad. The thought of etching into my skin with a scalpel was really strange to me. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't on my to do list.

So I forgot about it until about 2 months ago. I looked it up on here; saw how it looked like done professionally, and really loved it. I loved the way it looked different on everybody, and soon decided I wanted my own. I told a few close friends and after some explaining [what it is, how its done] they both agreed that it was a stupid idea, dangerous and stupid.

I began thinking about what I wanted and the placement. A star. It seemed simple enough, and it wasn't just a random shape to me. It was symmetrical. Perfect. I love hands [hence the hand piercing], and always wanted something else on my hands. But it wasn't possible. So next best thing, my wrist. Left wrist, same as my piercing. I told the same friends, just to get their opinion again. They hadn't changed their minds on me actually doing it, but they both agreed that a star on my left wrist was very 'me'. Smiles all round.

The pain didn't really bother me, im used to razor blades. And the thought of it screwing up didn't bother me much either. I have lots of scars, and I love them all. Even if it wasn't even, or didn't meet edge to edge, I didn't mind. Im not perfect, why should my star be?

3 weeks later...

Twas about 10:30 pm and I had an urge to slice open my wrist, ohh the joy! :D Im not that good at drawing small neat stars freehand, so I made a template and drew around that. Blue pen ink was used, easy to wash off. Good idea as I wasn't happy the first 2-3 times of positioning it. 4th time lucky. I washed of the excess ink off with antibacterial soap, washed my hands and sprayed my pencil sharpener blade and razor blade in antibacterial wash. Hid them I a wad of antibacterial wash moistened cotton wall pads. Back in my room, I laid everything out in front of me.

I used the pencil sharpener blade first as it isn't that sharp and I wanted to get a rough outline in my skin before I used the razor blade. Good idea. I went round it a few times, washing it with the cotton pads now and then so I could see where I was cutting. It wasn't deep, so not much blood at this stage. When I was happy with she shape I pressed into my wrist with the razor blade. I stroked down each side 4-5 times, wiped it and moved on to the next part. It was getting later and later and my eyes were heavy, time to stop. I put cotton pad over it, with some antibacterial wash and taped it with first aid tape.

Next morning it was sore, red and scabbed. I took of the pad, to let it get some air. I left it for 2 days, untouched but not unseen. I decided it wasn't deep enough. It needed to be deeper, so it would scar better. I repeated the process 3 times in all. Leaving it a few days between each session.

It's now about 3 weeks old. Its scab free, but faint. Im resisting going over it again as mother dearest saw it and took my blades off me [GRRR]. But my 16th birthday is coming up soon, which means only two more years until im free! :D I want it re-done. Professionally. I want it starting of where I done it myself, going all the way up to my elbow. Increasing in size and thickness.

Now I was lucky. It was very stupid to do this myself, and it could have gone a lot worse than it did. I knew what I was doing [kinda]. But if you want it, do it. I love my Star and am glad I done it. good luck :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2006
in Scarification

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