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tattoo scarification

I had always fancied getting some sort of scaring done but had never been too sure what type to go for so when a tattoo artist that i new suggested that he fancied trying tattoo "scarification" I was really up for it.

So we set a date and decided it was a definite go ahead. It was good having someone that I had met before and new doing it as it helped me feel more confident and comfortable about getting it done. As I didnt really know what to expect and if I had gone to a stranger I would have probably been a bit more apprehensive.

So the time to have my body altered in a way completely new to myself came and I went down to the studio after closing time. Sat myself in the chair with my at the time friend (now girl friend) as a spectator to the event. It was all very cosy, shut up in the back of the shop with the shutters down and the doors closed, as this type of procedure is still illegal to perform in Scotland.

Once all the equipment was set up and the design printed on the inside of my arm as if it was an ordinary tattoo, the gun came out except with out its trusty side kick Mr ink.

When he first started the skin just didnt want to break as well as we had anticipated, but the "pogo-ing" needle soon showed its dominance and the flesh broke under its will. I had foolishly anticipated it to be no more painful than a normal tattoo but I hadnt anticipated the hole having to go over the same bit so many times.

There was quite a lot of blood which I suppose is really to be expected with any kind of scaring, but it doesnt stop it being a bit daunting when you see the rate that the medical waste bin fills up with your blood soaked swabs.

It was looking good and it was really starting to carve the flesh out nicely. Some parts were inevitably more painful that others like when it goes round the inside of the arm. There are 6 sections of the design its kind of like a segmented circle with 3 sperm like shapes penetrating it like as if it was a freshly fertilised egg. Although my girlfriend thinks it looks a bit more comical as she sees it looking more like a person wearing a gas mask and dame Edina style glasses just goes to show how perceptions are unique I suppose.

But back to the actual procedure it was a surprisingly time consuming procedure as we were both quite new to. This. Although there is no ink and its just block shapes we had to go over and over the same bits time and time again which is quite a frustrating and painful thing having already broken skin tattooed isn't the best feeling I have ever had

It was quite a strange thing to look at as whenever I have had a tattoo done you can see the skin changing colour with the ink and this just looked exactly as if I was just having it tattooed in red. The blood was there immediately after the needle passed it the only give away that there was no ink was obviously no ink pots and that the amount of blood soon grows like as if the ink was being pushed back out by my discontented arm.

Finally the moment of relief came when he said that's you done and the dressing went on it although the pain actually seemed to get worse than when it was being done over the next few days.

I left it for a couple of days to scab up a bit and then scrubbed it with a wire brush and a salt/washing up liquid mixture, which was a horrid thing to do. But I had been informed that to agitate the wound in such a way would maximise the scar and I didnt want the procedure to have been a waste of time.

Unfortunately however as time progressed the scar was looking a little poor so we decided to go over it again. And I have to say the second time round was excruciatingly painful and this time the mark was left proper.. well at least most of it but unfortunately the bit that comes into the inside of my elbow is a bit less prominent than the rest.

As a result, of which I am thinking of either trying to go over it again one last time with the gun or if all else fails try a little skin removal. As the design is just blocked segments my only concern is that as some of them are close to each other they may end up joining which would ruin the design, so I shall just have to wait and see how things go.

All in all though, I would definitely have to say that it has been a worthwhile experience and that I would definitely do it again and encourage others to try it out as a new medium of there body art.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: anonomus
Studio: anonomus
Location: scotland

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