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scarification heart

Razors are not strangers to me. At certain points in my life I was a major cutter and developed a strong resistance for pain. Later on I became a big fan of scarification. I saw it as a way of cutting beauty into my skin. Anyways I know my limits and what I can handle so trying this out on myself would be easy. Also body modification is just a passion of mine. I grew up around a few tattoo shops and family members into these types of things. I'm not new at this I have practically worked as a receptionist at my uncles friends tattoo shop in New York. It was kind of like being an intern and learning all about the things that interest you. I later went on to learning how to pierce certain parts of the body. I currently have 1/2inch gauges and other minor ear piercings and scarifications. I also have a horizontal brow, nipple piercing and snake bites I recently retired.

Well I always found body modifications as a form of expression and art. I one day plan on being a professional body modification artist and I am well on my way. I had recently been through a lot and was feeling artsy you could say. So I expressed my emotions on myself. Be it sad or happy I ended up with an amazing heart on my leg. The heart is located right above and beside my kneecap and it faces practically towards me. It not just some cheesy heart I thought up of it actually has more significance than it seems to. Not many people know why I did it, but the few that do understand and love it. What I like about scarification is that you're not putting an image (tattoos) full of color into your body. Even though tattoos are very expressive and beautiful. It's more like taking the image out from you because you're removing skin and leaving a much more interesting thing in its place. So if anything it is a part of you in a totally different way than a tattoo or piercing is. They are much more permanent than any piercing you can just take out and let close, scarification is a much deeper thing.

How I did it was simple. Well once I knew what I wanted and what I needed. I trusted myself over some idiot who probably can't be trusted with a blade on another person. You see I know myself better than any professional out there. I can feel how deep I'm going when they can't and I know when the pain is unbearable unlike them. They are just trying to do their jobs. Now I was ready and there was no turning back. I got a brand new blade right out of the pack and cleaned it in alcohol. I also cleaned my skin as well that's a must. Always keep things as sterile as possible even if it seems like a hassle your better off in the end. Infections are very easy to get especially because its open skin you're dealing with. I also got a towel to clean up any mess I made because my mom was right next to me and I didn't want to dirty the couch. When my sister and mother stop bothering me about it I decided to begin. I didn't have a drawing or picture because I am very artistic and I don't need to trace thing. Anyway my mother and sister were on the opposite end of the couch so they could give me their point of view. I think maybe that why it came out so well, anyone can just cut and paste or trace but scaring from eye to skin has a better feel to it.

So I started by cutting a thin outline of what I pictured in my head. I turned to my mom and she gave me a face then agreed with me. I showed it to my sis and she also liked it. Once I felt comfortable with the shape I went on to the painful part you could say. I began to cut more and more just a bit deeper and a lot thicker. Cutting around the same area until it seemed like it would scar the way I wanted it to. Once it looked good I added ink. Not tattoo ink because that wouldn't irritate. Instead I used plain old writing ink because that would give me the best results. You can also use alcohol but that's just burning sensation that doesn't always work. The thing about alcohol it tends to make your cuts get better in the end. It doesn't look like a tattoo at all if anything it looked like I got a tattoo removed or in flesh colored ink. So because I used a certain colored ink that wouldn't really stay in my skin it looks like a professionally done scar. Anyhow it irritated enough so I let it be. The next couple of days I spent removing the scab and retracing with a blade. I've don't many more things after that but that's for another story.

Good luck on your bod mod and be safe, infections are not cool be sterile.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 2005
in Scarification

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