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Oh it burns!

I've been a part of BME community for about 6 years now. I have always admired scarification and have had two scars done previously.

One night, my friend, Phillip, and I were bored so we decided to head over to see my piercer, Paul, and his apprentice, Julie. It was a slow night at the shop, and of course Paul was bored and wanted to do something to me (as usual). Over the years I had become his pin cushion and guinea pig and I didn't mind it one bit. He told me that he had recently moved from scalpels to a cautery pen. This definitely peaked my interest! He asked me if he could "burn" me. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. He told me to figure out what I wanted on me while he finished up some piercings for a customer that had walked in.

I figured that the best way for me to come up with an idea was to look at the tattoo flash hanging up around the studio. I wanted something "girly" and something that didn't have too much detail. I found it – a dragonfly. It was perfect! I got Paul and told him that I wanted a dragonfly on my left upper arm. He took the design to the back of the studio to make a stencil. While he did that I anxiously waited in the "piercing studio".

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Paul emerged with my stencil. I hurriedly sat down in the blue dentist's chair while he got my arm ready. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. Then, he asked if I was ready. "As ready as I'll ever be!" I replied. Paul got his cautery pen and put a fresh tip on it. I held my breath as the tip heated up. I flinched as the hot tip touched my arm. I then realized that I really did not have anything to be nervous about. It really did not hurt nearly as much as the scalpaling did. Over a course of about thirty to forty-five minutes, Paul worked intensely on my dragonfly. There were a few times through out him scarring me that my arm kind of twitched due to the heat of the tip, but overall, the pain did not bother me. Finally, Paul said that he was done. He handed me a mirror and I looked at my arm. Aside from the redness, my dragonfly looked fantastic! I was ecstatic and bounced out of the chair and thanked Paul for doing this for me. He said that he was happy to do so.

After some prancing around the studio showing some of the people my arm, my friend, Phillip and I left. The first night, my arm did not bother me at all, but then the next day, I felt as though my arm was on fire. I felt like I had a horrible sunburn on my arm. It wasn't anything that I could not handle, just annoying – especially when wearing a wool sweater! Oops! At work, everyone was astonished that I would "burn" something into my skin. I was asked many questions about how it felt, did it hurt, why I would do that - the usual.

Over the next few days, the dragonfly started scabbing over...and didn't look quite as nice as it did the first night. Carefully, I worked the scabs off just to make sure that I scarred nicely – as I did with my other two scars. I made sure that I kept my arm clean by washing the scar at least twice a day with Dial Anti-bacterial soap and warm water. After about two weeks, the scabbing started to stop and my arm was beginning to look great. I was really hoping that the scar would be raised and pink, unlike the one on my ankle.

After another few weeks, my scar had completely healed. As I had hoped, the scarring was raised and was pink. Of course as time went by, the pinkness had faded to a more skin tone color, but the scar stayed visible.

I still get the questions, the stares, and wide eyes when people see my scar. At first the people are astonished, and then become more intrigued. I tell them that it is something that has made me happy and my life a tad bit richer. For the most part, they are accepting which makes my experience that much more enjoyable. Knowing that the people I have come across in my life have become more tolerant and accepting of body modification.

This scarification really is truly one of my favorite modifications and one of the more enjoyable experiences I have gone through. Once again, I proved to myself that I can handle almost anything.

To anyone that is thinking about getting some form of scarification done, whether it is for a spiritual reason, just for aesthetic reasons, or any reason at all, the outcome is gratifying. There might be the moments of nervousness and even fear, but after the pain, the nervousness and even the fear, the aftermath is worth so much more.


submitted by: luxi
on: 30 Oct. 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Paul
Studio: 360+Blues+and+Tattoos
Location: Arlington%2C+TX

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