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Modification a la slasher film

They've become as common place as tattoos, except the designs are carved deep into your flesh with a blade. Scarification completely surpass tattoos in the hard core arena. It's modification a la slasher film. That was embedded into my consciousness with one session.

Obvious to all observant, getting ink done has become accepted by the general public as a legit fashion statement. Anyone from collage kids to their parents can get one without static. Meanwhile cutting oneself still has the bad stigma of mental problems. Perhaps part of the allure to skin sculpture is the misconception people have. A kind of cry for help chic.  

To me the most attractive aspect is the accessibility of the art. A precision  scalpel for the Bourgeois, dollar knifes for the Proletarian; anyone with a sharp edge can accentuate their body. There's one more thing cutting has over inking; they don't have to be forever.  

Some of my favorite cuts have been the ones that had no blueprints. The rips that were made while play cutting. There was three other witnesses to the spontaneous creation. I urge everyone to one, ignore the pun, and two, to play along. The idea came from play piercing. That of course is when one stabs a needle trough the flesh, like a piercing, with no intention of adding jewelry. Result: one hell of a good time with friends, and the piercing closes. Similarly don't cut deep enough, and the keloid will go away. Plus shallow cuts can help you practice with try before you buy designs. Perhaps it was a mixture of liquid wellbeing, and wanting to provide my get-together with a spectacle. I,very tongue in cheek, decided to carve my alter-egos' autograph on my side torso.  With no volunteer for this "stupid idea" I was left to my own blade and wits. Even with the aide of a mirror I could not pull off a horizontal cut. So I cut it straight down; one letter after the other. They were shallow and crude, and not at all what I had in mind. However I did accomplish something. I practiced cutting a signature before I did it for real by slicing down the layers of skin. 

If  you fear that you or your possible partners won't know how deep to not go, then I'll remind you that play cutting time is also time to use your imagination. I've used other edges that won't go as deep.

To the slight horror or delight, I couldn't tell which in my state, I ripped out a jagged strip from an aluminum can. It maybe dull in higher echelon circles, but it still tore the skin. Work it, like I did, and you can get a cacophony of tin paper cuts that stepped away from make a coherent design. Mine was a not so simple devil head shot. I had to at least try that one. For that same design I made my friends walk around south beach one night trying to find the right parlor. (there are plenty if you've ever been.) The night ended with no work done, and lot of complains. That can sliver was a kind of pay back for them. If working away at a futile project like that just for it's sake doesn't make your toes tingle, then you could go the traditional blade route.

Just like some of your reactions, I too thought it lame, of just slicing myself with a can as a kind of penance. So I let them take it to me with a  scalpel. As long as they kept it shallow, and in an area that could be covered with clothes; I let them randomly cut me. A timid slice here,  a delighted slash there. Despite the reason it came to be, I felt no malice as I looked over the rips of love. The area, mostly around my hands, that had the most red lines memorized me. It looked like the ratio of red and skin where equal. Almost like my skin was floating on a crimson sea. For those of you who have gotten cut you know the feeling, but do you know the joy of seeing the sea of flesh  broken randomly like waves crashing in to a sharp rock? It's like seeing a fresh movie that you haven't previously written like the months of planning for most designs people get.That's the freedom of play cutting. It's new, and unexpected. 

No matter how excited , how into a cutting  I'm in the middle of,  I never lose the instinctual awareness of how deep the blade goes. That includes when working on someone else. Overall everyone will be okay since the how deep question is obvious to this learned crowd of bod mod enthusiasts. 

Try it, you'll love it. Your play pen might look like a murder scene after your done, but you won't be a victim.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 2005
in Scarification

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