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neck skin removal

I first decided that wanted a scarification done around january-febuary time. Straight away I thought a female symbol on the back of my neck would look cool, however I didn't want to rush into it as I knew it would be permanent and didn't want to regret it later on. I started to think about some different designs but it always swung back to my original one so that was what I was going to get. Now I had to go about getting it priced up. I was given an estimate of about £80 with a rough doodle of the design and then I set about saving for it. Me being me and being a student I'm not one for saving my cash so it took me until May until I had enough. I booked my appointment then started to draw up the final design. All in all it took me a good couple of nights to get it right with the thickness and length I wanted it.

On the day I got a bottle of fizz to load my system up with sugar and set of for the train station. I was fine but as my train edged into London I felt the old stomach nerves kicking in. I ignored it then set of on the underground for Camden. By the time I reached Camden I felt so nervous which is unusual for me but I made my way to the studio where Simon was waiting for me. I'd never actually met him before which made me abit more nervous as I didn't know what he would be like but we got chatting and he was cool so I relaxed abit. We discussed what would be better for my particular design and I decided to go with a skin removal as it would result in a bolder effect. He drew up my design and transferred it onto my neck. Once got everything ready and we began. He said to me that the outline would be ok but the removal would sting more. My immediate reaction was 'it'll all hurt, he'll be cutting chunks of my skin for christ sake!' but once the scalpel was running it didn't hurt at all. It was a strange sensation, which in some way was rather nice! The outline was done in minutes and then we started on the removal. I was under the illusion that if the outline didn't hurt then the removal couldn't be that bad but I was wrong. It was one of the worst pains from modifation I'd felt. Because it was close to my ear I could hear the scalpel cutting through the flesh and the only way I can describe it is like when you cut raw beef with scissors. Half way through the removal I was feeling abit light headed so we had a break then carried on. After about five minutes he asked if I was feeling ok and if I needed a piece of meat, Puzzled I said no I was fine and I looked up to him offering a chunk of my neck to me. Anyway we finished up and he gave me a glimpse of it in the mirror. From what I could see it looked good but it was really to bloody for a proper look. I went of home and bought my Clingfilm, Vaseline, lemon juice and vinegar that he advised me to get.

That night I had to start aggravating it to get a bolder scar. I bent over the bath and my boyfriend poured neat lemon juice straight onto it. The pain of that was like nothing I'd ever felt! There was no way I could put vinegar on it as well tonight so I smothered a lump of Clingfilm with Vaseline and taped it on. Every morning and night for the next 3 weeks I doused it in lemon and vinegar to get it open and I had it covered in Clingfilm for most of the day. At first I wasn't happy with the circle as I thought it wasn't round enough but as I stopped irritating it and it started to heal the circle pulled together. Now it's two months on and it's looking really good. I'm happy with it but Simon wants to touch up the circle in a few months. My first experience with skin removal was a positive one and I've got plans for more just not the money. My advice to anyone getting their first skin removal or scarification is to find someone your comfortable with, if you feel relaxed it will be a much more pleasant experience, and also stick with the pain. No matter how much it hurts keep going because the result is well worth it and you'll be glad you did it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: simon
Studio: chrome
Location: camden

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