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Burning stars into my shoulder

As I walked to go and meet my friend Precilla halfway between our houses I smelled rain and heard the thunder rolling in from the coast. The hurricane is causing us to have this kind of weather, but the smell of rain calmed me. Precilla and I were going to meet up and wait on my dad to come and pick us up to go to Beaumont to TattooMania for my brand. I was worried about being late because my artist Dustin Jones had told me to be there at two and he'd be there at two thirty. It was already like one twenty and I was getting antsy. I got her and we sat at home talking about placement for a little while.

Since the night before when Dustin asked if he could brand me, I had thrown out my ideas of getting a triple star idea branded onto the middle of my chest right on my breast bone or even had thoughts of getting it where panties would have it hidden. I did a little research on the brands though and decided to talk with Dustin a whole lot more before making any more decisions.

After a bit of driving around construction near the area the shop was in, we finally got there and Cilla and I headed inside. Dustin was standing in his usual spot behind the counter. After getting another artist to help with drawing out the stencil and making it out the way I wanted it, we all headed into Dustin's room to discuss placement. Some girl came in that wanted her tongue pierced and meantime Cilla and I talked about tattoos and looked at the flash on the walls.

After the girl left we headed back into the room. Dustin and I went back and forth about placement and decided on my left shoulder for my first brand. He proceeded to prep his tray and get all of his supplies ready. The cleanliness of this guy really puts my mind at ease. He changes gloves after doing certain things to ensure the highest level of sanitation and that makes me a very satisfied client.

So now Precilla took a before shot of my shoulder and Dustin prepped it by cleaning it off, shaving it, and cleaning it off a few more times with various substances. He then decided it'd be best for me to lay down instead of sitting up in case I got queasy. I laid down on my stomach on the table with my left hand behind my back bent like cops do to cuff someone. He gave me his "pillow" to prop my head up on while he would burn me. Paul the apprentice was close at hand to watch and learn and ask questions.

Now we were going to get started and I couldn't be more excited. I was just a bit nervous but having Dustin as the one that would be burning me made me know it would be just fine. I crooked my head back to watch as Dustin began to burn on the small star to the right. I honestly felt little pain and remembered reading on BME earlier that day that it only hurts for a second until the nerves burn away.

I believed it.

The sensation I likened to a hot razorblade cutting back and forth splitting my skin. I enjoyed the first small star and the outline of the middle big one. I didn't feel queasy or over anxious at all. I felt very calm through the whole procedure and savored the pain that did come with the last little star on the left. I felt a definite raise in the level of pain from just the small move from the right small star to the left one. I remarked this to Dustin and he said it was more sensitive skin there. All in all it was great. Dustin went back and touched up a little on the stars after cleaning off the brownish burnt skin. We talked about going back later and sharpening the points on the stars and burning out the middle of the larger star as he only outlined it at my request. We discussed the possibility of blistering in the middle of the large star also. He told me how he didn't like to go too deep with them and how I could always come back later.

The most unpleasant part of it was the smell. Burnt skin doesn't smell to terribly swell. Cilla took more pictures and we stood around talking about cleaning and aftercare and whatnot for a bit before heading out. Not only was this my personal first brand, but the first brand done at that particular shop as well.

My first brand as a little group of three stars went really well and I plan on taking the little line to larger stars and connecting them down the left side of my back.

And now, to heal them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 July 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Dustin+Jones
Studio: TattooMania
Location: Beaumont%2C+Texas

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