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Maple Leaf

Looking down at the floor from my basement couch, only one thing was running through my head; How much this was going to hurt. My addrenalin was pumping through my veins as my brain, knowing what was coming, was begging my mouth to say 'Stop'. But I had gone too far to back down now. What first started as an idea to identify myself as a patriot with a tattoo had evolved into a branding. Something I perfered over tattooing. One, because it was orginal, and two, because I had allways hated ink on my skin. The branding involved numerous small burns to form the master piece I desired, a maple leaf. After being in Germany for three months it really opened my eyes how much I took my country for granted. I did not thrive on pain for enjoyment. In fact I wasn't looking forward to the pain at all. I didn't really know what to expect. Research had told me that some people didn't find it painful at all while some people described it as pain they would have never imagined.

I asked my brother in-law who had little experience to do it for me. I didn't ask him to do it because we were patictularly close but more because I wouldn't show weakness in front of him and he would motivate me. We researched what we needed and in the end we picked up a propane torch and various metal shapes from my high school tech class. We also bought some medical supplies just in case. Before we went down stairs I started drinking    as much water as a could. My addrenalin pumped through my veins and ended in my stomach everytime I thought about it. I tried not to think about it.

My bro in law asked me if I was reading. I lied and said yes. I gripped a couch pillow as hard as I could as I could feel the hot metal coming at my back. All my thoughts stopped as I heard a hiss and a pop. I felt a little sensation that quickly evolved into a throbbing pain like I had never known but soon that turned into a numb feeling. A smell similar to burnt air hit my nostrils as a another controlled burn struck my back. The pain this time was more acute. It was a relief to finally know what the pain was like but now I urged to get it over with. Now that I knew what it felt like I jsut wanted to see the master piece. A quick, 'Hell Yeah, that's awesome', from my brother in-law made me feel like I could take on the world. Fifty minutes later we were done. My addrenalin was so intense that I couldn't rise from the couch for another 10 minutes. I felt so alive.

The next day I wanted to show off my new back scar to the world so I called up my best friend and we went to the beach. I didn't swim but I walked around with no shirt on as I felt peoples looking at me. I heard a few gasps from people who were close and a couple people muttering their disapproval. I saw some guys from school and I went to talk to them hoping to see their reaction but didn't notice it. I was determined to see what they would say so I turned around pretending to look at a girl when one of the guys noticed it. 'Holy #$^* man what did you?' Everyone looked at him wondering what he was talking about. 'Look at Steve's back'. Soon they were all asking me questions so I told them the story. I got a few 'That's stupid' to 'that's awesome'. Eventually we left the beach and went home. But when when I came to school, everyone knew and was begging me to show them. Even my principal knew about. I got a lot of negative feedback but I got alot of positives to. I even inspired a few people. I was really proud of it. I don't regret it at all.

My mom was pissed but she tried to not show it. She hated it when I would pick the scab and aggriviate it. This wasn't particularily fun but I wanted a good scar. After a few days the scab started to form. I look at the scab as it were evil and I wanted it off my body...challenging since it was on my back. To get it of a bought a old fashioned scrub brush and went to town on it in the shower. Once I was out of the shower I would dip a tooth brush tipped in 3% adn rubbed the crap out of it. After that I would vasiline it and wrap it up.

If you do this, put old sheets on your bed. Also were old dark t-shirts. So people find it gross when your t-shirt starts staining because of ooze or blood coming from you.

If you do this. Do it in a studio. I know everyone says this but it could have turned very back very quick.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Brother+in+law
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Location: Canada

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