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Scarification - "The fact that I have a natural fear of sharp objects"


In the past I have seen scarification not only as a way to decorate our bodies, but also a way to bleed and feel intensive pain. This was a sensation I did not have the urge to experience myself. But we live, grow and change, so after some thinking I decided to ask a friend of mine who happens to be a scarification artist (not a professional or so but I had seen a couple of scars he had done and I thought they looked really nice). After talking to my friend whose name, by the way, is Stomberg we set a date for our cutting session. It was time to pass my psychic barrier that had been keeping me off this area and to reach the goal I had in mind. I felt that, after experiencing the pain and achieving my goal, I could feel completed.


The procedure took place at my brother's apartment. We did not have an access to a proper studio, so instead of a "correct" facility for this operation we decided that my brother's bathroom was good enough as I did not want to wait and do it some other time (as I knew that there was some chance for me to chicken out). I said that it sounded fine to me since it was the cleanest area we could come with in this situation. I had drawn a sketch of the pattern in form of three triangles before I left home; they were to be placed on my right calf. First of all he shaved my leg. Then he cleaned the area with some antiseptic liquid and drew the pattern on my leg. I felt reasonably safe because I could see that he had a steady hand when he drew on my leg. The only thing I could really feel that was hard to deal with was the fact that I have a natural fear of sharp objects and was a bit worried that he was going to cut my flesh. After coping with my emotions for a while it was the time.Due to lack of space in my brother's bathroom I laid down on the floor (I did not really think about it at the time as I was way too nervous but damn poor Stomberg... He was sitting down on the floor in a really uncomfortable position and it had to be really painful for him to sit in such a position). After some adjustments of my position we started. I wanted to make this procedure instructive, and easier to take in regard of the pain, so I asked him for starting to cut rather slow. We started with scratching the skin to make the skin break. He did this procedure with all of my triangles before he began to cut for real. Feeling the blade opening my skin and entering my flesh was really intense. Either I had not yet passed the stadium and overcome the fact that this session was made by a blade instead of needles or I just have this issue with someone cutting my flesh. Either way it hurt and it felt really uncomfortable through the entire procedure. After about 30 minutes the cutting was finished and I entered the second stage of my cutting ex "Ãw€ë

perience, that is, irritating the wound. For this purpose we used ordinary salt and hand desinfectant. I started to laugh because adrenaline was flowing in my veins faster and faster. The pain was so intense that I could not actually feel it, only pleasure in my mind and heart. Five minutes later my brother helped me stand on my feet and I walked to the shower to wash off the salt. I looked down at my newly made scar and was really satisfied with the way it looked and felt. The feeling after the session was a blast. I had overcome my emotions and fears of the blade. Stomberg put on the compress and instructed me what to do to get a nice scar. According to his words I was supposed to pick up crusts from the wound the next morning and once more put salt in it and then to repeat this procedure every morning for the following week.


When I woke up the following morning I was pretty sore and a bit nervous of salting my wounds once more. I went to the shower and started to wash it over with some lukewarm water and scrape the wounds with an unused toothbrush and began to feel really great when the blood started to penetrate the skin and drip down on the floor. After opening up the wounds I took ordinary salt and started to put it in the wounds (very carefully because I did not know how I was going to react). At first it was no problem at all but a few seconds later it was like an explosion, it burnt like hell and I did not know how to cope with it, so once more I started to laugh.A few minutes later I washed it all off with water. What a great way to welcome the morning! I repeated this procedure for the next week just as Stomberg told me to; I was very happy with the results and now I have a beautiful scarification piece on my right calf.


Please, note that I do not recommend this type of operation outside of a clean studio and without a professional cutter. Keep in mind that I did know, right from the beginning, that Stomberg was a good artist and he is a friend of mine, so I did know I could trust him. So please, if you do scarification, or any other operation for that matter, first check the studio and talk to the performer. I think that it is really important to make sure that you feel comfortable with the person who is going to perform the procedure.

Health before art

Thank you for reading my scarification experience.
Those of you who are more interested in the procedure can check the pictures on www.bmezine.com

Big thanks to Stomberg for the great sensations and letting me overcome my fears of the blade. Thanks to Iam:deadly pale for helping me with my language skills!



submitted by: Paindreamer
on: 08 April 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Iam%3AStomberg
Studio: My+brothers+bathroom
Location: Gothenburg.Sweden

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