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Wizard skin removal attempt..

    I have been very interested in body modifications for about 2 years. Always looking for the latest and newest ideas available on the net. I decided 1 week ago to try my hands at skin removal. Having had a long passion for drawing, I spent about 3 days on designing my own scarring template. Let me tell you this was not an easy task. I was looking for something new and yet a piece that I would appreciate for life. Ideas of wizards and anything magical was my choice. Not having a whole lot experience designing in the format for skin removal. I searched on the internet for ideas and inspiration. I came across some great design ideas, but had no idea on how to layout the concept.  
    With no ideas on a design that jumped out at me. I began to rummage through the house  for some old sketches and drawings. While going through my drawer. I came across a pumpkin cutting design kit. You know the ones with the witches and faces that are cut and etched into the pumpkin skin. This gave me an idea on how to make the template along with a design I liked. I have always been into magic and wizards since I was a kid. The wizard design that was in the box was perfect for me. All I had to do was transfer it to fit my left forearm.  I used my computer scanner to modify the size and printed it out.  Bingo, I was ready for my try at skin removal. 
    There was only one problem. Being right handed and trying to do this myself was going to be a difficult task if not impossible. So I had a friend of mine Dave give me a hand. He was a little squeamish to say the least about the idea. But since it was not being done on him, he agreed to help me in my sick venture.   
Having been in a couple of motorcycle accidents in my lifetime. I have acquired a few back injuries to say the least. So each time I have gone to the hospital or the doctor's office for a visit or treatment. I have always taken a little inventory of my own. Snatching bottles of Novocain and other numbing potions from these places over the years came in handy. Having built up a nice little collection of medical grade implements for me were going to be very useful. Among other items received were scalpels, sutures, antibiotic ointment, bandages, syringes and some other crazy instruments.

Well with the drawing I wanted and all the instruments at hand. I was ready for my first experience at skin removal. Let me say this, DO NOT try this with out the proper instruments and prep materials.
With the design all made I started to draw the wizard on my left forearm. Using a sharpie I put the design in place. This was the easy part. After the artwork was done. I took one of the syringes and filled it with Novocain and started to inject it into my forearm at various spots to dull the arm. Doing this I believe will help control some of the bleeding that was about to happen. After waiting a few minutes for the medication to take effect. I could see the sweat dripping down Dave's head even before we had started. He looked more nervous than I was. He said he was ready to do this.
So I took out the scalpel and made the first cut. Thank God for the Novocain. Otherwise I am sure this would have hurt like a S.O.B.! Dave used the forceps I gave him to help me lift the skin as I was cutting. Trying to make sure I did not go to deep and cut any major veins or arteries was challenging. Having the pumpkin template was a great help. I was able to decipher which area needed to be cut to give the full effect that I was looking for. Piece by piece the wizard starting to take shape. It was tricky using the scalpel with one hand. It was like Dave had to be an extension of me to finish this task. He had to move and wipe the area of tissue and blood so that I could see where I was cutting.
We almost looked like we were on TV doing the show Dr. 90210. Doing the areas of the eyes and hands were extremely difficult to do. Not being able to actually move my arm around to work at different angles and areas was tough. Th at was the most time consuming part. There were some parts that I had to have Dave do the cutting. Talk about putting trust in someone. Some of the areas were almost impossible for me to get at so he put his mark on me also. After about 2 ½ hours later I was done with the wizard. Success at my first attempt of skin removal tattoo. The wizard is still healing. It looks ruff, with some nice spots healing well. Others that will definitely take some time. I will say this much. Have it done professionally. The risks are high and the level of difficulty are great doing it yourself. Without my buddies help this would not of been possible.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2005
in Scarification

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