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Yes, $350 can buy you happiness!

It all started about 6 months ago when I got in touch with Lukas Zpira with intentions of hosting him in Buffalo, NY. I have always wanted work done by Lukas and I knew that with my busy schedule that traveling to see him, even when he is in the states was out of the question. Getting Lukas to spot here seemed to be the best way for me to get what I wanted.

After speaking with Lukas on IAM, I was told that he wanted 5 appointments to come to Buffalo, NY. I thought for sure getting 5 people would be easy enough., but it really wasn't. After broadcasting my wants to my friends and acquaintances, it seemed hopeless. I decided maybe this year won't be a good time so I gave it up.

Shortly after a long-time client of mine Mike (IAM = lucky mike_13) got a whiff that Lukas may be coming to Buffalo and approached me with the notion that he was in the need for some sternum implants. From that time on Mike basically took over and gave Lukas an offer that he could never refuse. Lukas needed a ride to the Great Lakes BBQ in Michigan and then a ride from there to London, Ontario. Mike basically obliged to be his chauffer for the week and have Lukas bunk at his house for the few days Lukas would be in Buffalo in turn on doing work on 3 people, which was my co-worker Lindsay (IAM = demise swivel), Mike and I.

The day before Lukas was supposed to fly here we all go together to plan out where this was going to happen, what we were going to need and how all of this will transpire. I wanted him to work at the studio that I worked out of for obvious reasons and so did everyone else, but my boss wasn't very down for it. First off not approving of surgical modifications and then having a practitioner she never med do them just didn't sit right with her. I completely understood. Other options included a local body piercing shop called Cow Pok. Their piercer Chris (IAM = STUCK) was all down for it, but a lot like my boss his boss felt the same way. Option #3 was doing it at a local art studio owned by an employee of another local studio Renaissance, but that also fell through. We were now panicking that maybe we won't find a place to do this. We had one more option, Lindsay's apartment and a back-up plan would be Eternal Ink where a fellow IAMer Wizzer and an ex co-worker of mine now works.

Agreeing that the apartment may be the best option Linsay cleared out the living room and kitchen and put up some lighting for the big night. As Lindsay and I worked Mike got to tour Lukas around Western NY. What fun that must have been!

The time was growing near for night to begin. Lindsay and I started to get our supplies together. Lukas basically only came with scalpels and implants so we had to bring a carload of supplies to the apartment.

Trying to guess what we would need we packed:

  • The Statim (a no brainer!)

  • gloves

  • gauze and sterile gauze

  • stick barrier film

  • vionexus hand sanitizer

  • biohazard red bags

  • a massage table

  • assorted small things we may need like thermo-fax paper.

We were ready to go. Around 8:45 Mike came in with Lukas to begin the fun! After selling Lukas some 4g tunnels we jetted out.

The drive from the studio to Lindsay's apartment was about a 20 minute drive. A very anxious drive for me and I am quite sure for Lindsay and Mike. When we got to the apartment we unpacked and set the equipment up. We tried to make the room as aseptic and cross-contamination proof as we could. We barriers up possible risk areas and I think we succeeded in making it as functional as a studio. I set up the Statim and sterilized Lukas' tools and implants for Mikes chest. 4 Teflon domes.

Mike's implants went off without a hitch, infact they went impressively smooth and fast. Very little bleeding and very little trauma. Lindsay went next, again I cleaned up the space and sterilized the tools and implant for the next round, which was a 8g trans-dermal for the forehead. Lindsay's implant also went off w/o a hitch and super fast. Mike ended up assisting Lukas with the procedure, but felt weak and nauseous after a few minutes and then I assisted like the gentleman I am. Very impressive.

After the clean up and sterilization of the sole tool used in my procedure--a scalpel, I realized it was my turn to be cut. I can't say that I was nervous, I really wasn't I guess being in the hands of a very skilled and very confident practitioner eases a lot of nervousness. The only concern on my mind would be the pain factor, not if it's going to hurt or not-- I knew it would, but for how long. I know I can handle pain, but I never was subjected to pain for any longer than a piercing and a tattoo. In my experience with tattooing the pain can fluctuate from unbearable to a very pleasant massaging feeling. Being cut is a whole different story, and boy did I find out!

I had 6 present scars on my chest that I self cut years ago. They were a bit uneven and crooked. I wanted Lukas to actually use the present scars to work in a more intricate and pleasing design. After about 45 minutes of drawing and redrawing the finished product was very pleasing to me and I instructed Lukas that we should now get to business.

I lied down and made myself very comfortable and covered my head with my shirt to somehow drift into another world. After I lied down Lukas then made the permanent marks before starting the cut. That lasted about 10 minutes and go me very anxious. I wanted to get this thing on the road!

Well, without me thinking In hear Lukas ask "You ready?" I didn't answer, just lifted my arm to acknowledge I was indeed ready. Well, the first cut was bad. So was the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. It was a tough 30 minutes, which was how long it took. Every line was pretty painful. I gasped and grunted a few times, but I feel like I handled it well. Hoping that this was almost over I decided to remove the shirt from my face to see how much progress has been done. When I picked up my head to actually look all I saw was blood and wide open flesh--very poetic.

From that point on I decided to actually watch the procedure. I was just to curious. Every line he cut looked like he was conducting an orchestra. A true virtuoso with the scalpel. It's kind of like watching a very skilled pianist play his favorite song flawless and with ease and much more confidence than I would ever have doing the same thing. With every swipe of the scalpel blade I would see my flesh open up like a fault line in an earthquake exposing white-colored fatty tissue that quickly became red with blood. The site of my flesh being split was a great distraction from the intense pain that made me feel like I was being autopsied alive. The chest is a very sensitive place.

After all was done and my body was physically drained as it always is when I get a tattoo, I was done. I stood up to admire my new cutting. It was BEAUTIFUL! I was very pleased with the outcome and very displeased with how worn out and weak I felt. After I was cleaned up and bandaged I payed Lukas and gave him a pretty nice tip for making my chest pleasing to me once again.

We all said out goodbyes and Lindsay and her boy Ricardo drove me home. The ride home was pretty surreal. I felt like was I was on cloud nine. Not only from the endorphin rush that I had, but I also felt very worn out and about to pass out! I have never passed out from a mod (and I have had PLENTY) so this was a new experience. I can't say I disliked the feeling either. When I do eventually pass on I hope I feels that laid back. I just felt like I could just lay back and die and not even care.

After I arrived home I had a bit to eat and quickly felt human again. Just in time to experience the intense stinging on my chest and I haven't even showered yet, which was a very painful and bloody ordeal!

The next few weeks were hard at times. Keeping the wound open and irritated was a task. I took Lukas' advice on Vaseline and shaving cream then air drying it at night. The shaving cream was very soothing and I liked that part! Other irritating that I did was packing the wound with tooth paste, which was a blindingly painful mistake. It hurt so bad that I could not even move to wash the paste out of my wounds! It flared my cuts up like a STD infested vulva. Every night after showering I would also rub out the forming scabs with the end of a damp hand towel. I carried this on until the scars completely closed up then I changed my irritation method to scraping the scars with whatever abrasive thing I had at the moment.

The scars are a bit less than 3 months old now and they are still bright red and the scars are raised about 2mm from the surface of the chest, so I feel that I did a very good job on irritating them evenly, which I feel is imperative to keep from the scar healing uneven. The only uneven and raised slightly higher parts is the places where the scar was cut over my existing scars. All-in-all the experience was wonderful. Lukas handled everything like professional he is and carried out the entire procedure like I hoped.

With all of the people cutting these days it is very easy to find someone to cut you, but I really suggest having Lukas cut you if you have the opportunity to have him. Even if he is a bit more expensive than the average Joe Schmoe, he is experienced and he is cool as ice with the knife! On the contrary of what I was told about Lukas from some kid, Lukas carried out a very high level of asepsis and practiced a phenomenal aseptic technique. Even with minimal room and in a less than perfect environment.

Needless to say I was pleased with every aspect of this. I would highly recommend Lukas to anyone wanting a scar.

Photos of my cutting and cutting procedure are located in Lukas' portfolio located on the main page of ww.bmezine.com. Thank you for reading..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Sept. 2004
in Scarification

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