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My First Anahata Chest Cutting Experience

I never expected to get a cutting- partially because I was told I wouldn't be able to take it, and frankly because I just wasn't interested. My fiancé has a Native American phoenix symbol on his shoulder which was the first cutting or scarification that I had ever seen- or, at least, noticed. The way it looked, plus hearing the very trance-like experience leading up to the cutting, was always highly intriguing to me. I could definitely respect him for getting the cutting and understand how much it personally meant to him, but I never transposed that feeling or experience on myself, my needs or my desires. That all changed abruptly, however, when Sinsect and I moved to Dallas.

We had been here only a few weeks and decided to go out to a small club. It just so happened that someone Sinsect had met at the Texas Suspension Convention in November was there with his lovely wife. They too had just moved to the Dallas area. A few drinks and conversations later, we all started talking about cutting pieces Cali had performed over the years- several being on his wife. That did it for me. I had never in my life seen anything so captivating and beautiful. Incredibly, a night that was supposed to be an un-social drinking night out to cure boredom turned into a night of fabulous conversation with people I just met. People who I automatically clicked with and liked immensely, and a night that seemed to have opened a door within me that I never knew existed. That night I decided that I wanted a cutting on my chest. Now I had to figure out the question as to 'what'.

Over the past few years, I have concentrated on meditation and educating myself on different techniques of such. The idea of charkas within one's body is something I have applied to my own life recently. There is still quite a bit I need/want to learn about the subject, but using it as my basis for meditation has really helped me in more ways than one. The last six months of my life have been more up and down than ever before. I got laid off from my job, moved out of state away from my family for the first time, suffered through months of unemployment, and got engaged to one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. My heart/anahata chakra is one that I strive to keep clean and pure above all others. It is the one element of my deep and spiritual self that I can count on, so to speak. When I think that the world or society is against me, I look deep into the core of myself and know that I am a unique and fabulous person who has so many things to look forward to an d many things just waiting to be experienced. Focusing on thoughts such as these are the only- and I do mean only- things that get me through tough times. So, after a few weeks had gone by after deciding on the cutting and a few meditation sessions had occurred- it finally hit me. Despite the fact that I hadn't been studying meditation/chakra theory for very long, I wanted to get the symbol representational of my inner self transposed to my physical self. This would forever be a reminder of not only this particular time in my life but more importantly, as a reminder of what I strive for every single day in my life.

As days passed and after visiting Cali's web site to see even more of his phenomenal work, I was more certain than ever that I wanted him to be a part of my first chest cutting experience. The question now was 'when'. I knew we'd eventually run into Cali, so I didn't press the time element. A few months later, Sinsect ran into him by accident and learned that he was moving out of state in a week. Two days later, I was scheduled to get my anahata chakra chest cutting.

Knowing about Cali's wonderful bedside manner and personality, I wasn't too nervous about the whole process going into the studio. It was quite the opposite, surprisingly- I couldn't wait to have it done. After the placement of the design was set, Cali guided me through my breathing and talked me through everything that went on. This along with his gentle-sounding voice and light-handedness, created such a personal and relaxing environment that the pain turned into something else. With my fiancé holding my hand and talking to me as well, the pain was just an intense feeling and emotion. It was encompassed by all the wonderful sounds and sensations around me and in my mind with these two wonderful people a part of it all. I didn't go numb; I didn't have an out-of-body experience; I didn't have an orgasmic experience. My experience was a moment with myself, Cali and James that reflected strong and beautiful spirits.

At the time of this writing, my cutting is about ten days old and healing nicely. Sure, it stung the first few showers and scab-pickings, but that is to be expected. The hardest thing about it right now is having patience for it to heal, since I may not see the raised white scars for another year. The few people who know about it either really like it or really don't. Some of the 'don'ts', however, are from those who have only heard about it rather than who have actually seen it. This is not important to me at all. The experience has been so different than that of a tattoo, for example. It is not anything I care to show off or even necessarily display, for that matter. All I know is that I have felt an elevated sense of self, an elevated sense of confidence and an elevated sense of hope. And that makes it all worthwhile.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Aug. 2003
in Scarification

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