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Burning the man

I wake up and decide to poke around live journal, an online journaling site that many of my friends belong to. A really marvelous bondage artist makes a post on the burning man community asking for people to take part in some of her suspension projects at the festival. Of course I jump on, and wanting to see more of what this girl was about I start reading through her journal. I don't get too far when I come across an excited post talking about the possibility of getting branded by Fakir at burning man this year. I think all of us at that moment would try to do the same thing, get yourself fucking involved! So I write a reply to her post, excitedly asking if she thought there was any way I could stop by and meet this man who might as well be a god considering all he's done. I hit send and my response pops up on the screen, and I receive another shock. Apparently at that exact same moment my boyfriend, away at work, had followed the exact same process as me and sent her a mes sage similar to mine.

Time passes and we e-mail back and forth and it is very unclear whether I'll be able to participate. Fakir is doing a group branding of the burning man symbol but it is a special ceremony for their camp (a big S&M club camp called the Temple of Atonement), if Fakir has time, yada yada yada, maybe. Good enough for me! I'm still floored at the possibility of meeting Fakir.

Burning man begins and we go to seek out these people who we have been talking to for the last few months. I drop by on Tuesday, it's my 21st birthday, after meeting with the people at the Temple they say that they'll try their best to get me in. Everything is dependant on how long Fakir wants to be there, and all the people at the temple clearly have first dibs. Mistress Eva, who set up this holy visit laughs and tells us that she'll se what she can do but all she knows is that she is going first!"

Burning Man is a very special thing for my boyfriend and me, when we first attended the festival in 2001 we were little more than acquaintances who had fucked a few times, burning man in so many ways is responsible for us becoming more. So I shouldn't have been as shocked as I was when he asked me if I would get my brand in the same place as him, so it's something we could have together on us forever. That was the first moment I ever thought of anything as forever with him.

It's the day of the event, the day was filled with anticipation. We come over early to help them set up, I'm so giddy I can't breathe, Brendan (the boyfriend) is much the same way. At some point in time he tells Mistress Eva how much this means to him and us and what burning man has been to both of us. Then it comes time for the ceremony to begin, we start to move out of the way when Mistress Eva comes over to us, telling us she is touched by our relationship and our story, and that they would all like to see us go first. I couldn't believe the words, it was amazing.

The branding itself: Brendan wants to go first, he steps up on the table and has sand bags placed around his shoulder and neck. Fakir looks at the spot on his right shoulder and adjusts the striking iron some. Two of Fakir's assistants show us their matching brands and tell us what a beautiful thing it is we're doing. I'm standing next to Brendan holding his hand with the temple looking on, Cleo Dubois (who I completely embarrassed myself in front of by not recognizing) told me that I should hold his feet (it was comforting.) Can I just reiterate here CLEO DE BOIS HELD HIS FEET! Sounds of blowtorch are in the back, then all a red hot iron went on him. He gasped and tensed then relaxed. Then again, then again. (it was a three strike brand.) Then it was done, and he stood up, and fakir bent down to kiss him.

Now my turn, I'm nervous as I lay on the table (and Cleo De Bois holds MY feet) concentrating on breathing it all happens again, I can feel the head from the blowtorch on my face. The entire temple is still watching, The first strike sears my flesh, it was NOT painful, not in any real way, it was beautiful and all that a body modification should be, I felt so very in touch with my body at that moment. I didn't want the actual branding to end. When my three strikes were done I stood up, Fakir's lips touched mine, then Brendan's. Awash in endorphins and love I wandered out into the dispersing crowd.

There is now a small pink man who travels with me everywhere, and I love him, and more than that this was an eternal reminder that, at least for me, the experience of the body modification is the most important part.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Nov. 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Fakir+Musafar
Studio: Burning+man%2C+temple+of+atonement
Location: burning+man+festival+takes+place+in+Black+Rock+City%2C+NV

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