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Looking for new mods...cutting makes the cut.

Having already experienced tattoos and piercings multiple times, I was interested in finding new body-modifications to try out. I wanted to try something completely different. After searching through sites and books and many different types of modifications, scarification definitely stuck out in my mind as what I wanted to do. I was familiar with cutting and also with scars, and it amazed me the types of designs that could be done. Entire beautiful drawings done in scars.

I researched experiences, prices and procedures and found out that it was going to be entirely too expensive for me to have done at a professional studio. Miffed, I gave up for a while. Finally, I decided that I would do it myself.

I decided to start with something simple, a star, about 2 inches across. I first tried drawing straight onto myself but found I couldn't even draw the simple design. After that didn't work, I tried cutting a star out of paper and tracing it, which failed miserable as well. I finally ended up cutting a stencil from thick cardboard. Next was to find an area of my body to put it on. Although I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I'm not a glutton for it and decided that the calf was a relatively low pain area. I could also cover it up to avoid questions if need be.

I sterilized my calf, the x-acto knife and counter where I put my supplies down. Now it was time to begin the "procedure".

After taping the stencil to my calf, I carefully traced the star onto my skin with a non toxic pen. I was getting anxious to begin and took up my x-acto knife. My skin was tougher then I thought and it was very hard for me to make a cut. It didn't help that the knife wasn't exactly the sharpest either. I figured out how to stretch the skin tight to make it easy to cut. It was very tedious, cutting centimeter by centimeter along the lines of my star. I had to keep going back over the almost paper cut thin lines and trying to make them bigger. I was surprised to see that it really didn't bleed as much as I had thought it would. Or hurt as much...yet.

After 40 minutes or maybe longer I had only completed one line out of ten to do. Nevertheless, I was happy with how it was going and felt excited about completing my work.

Feeling a little more confident, the next line went faster and was deeper and better the the first. And the third better than both those. I started slowing down on my fourth and fifth lines as my calf started to puff and swell and hurt more. I kept disinfecting the cuts and my tools as I went as well.

After completing 7 or so lines I stopped, bandaged my leg and left it to heal. Over the next week or so I cleaned and bandaged it and let it heal. The lines were scarring, but only a very faint pink. Disappointed, but determined, I got out my supplies and took another crack at it. I went over the lines again and again, making my cuts deeper. I was determined to have a very visible scar. It bled more then the first time and I had to stop a number of times from being lightheaded.

At some point I got frustrated with my dull x-acto knife and stopped, going off in search of a better knife. I tried a kitchen knife, which was also too dull. Sharpening it didn't work either. I found a slightly better x-acto knife and quickly finished up my star for the second time. I bandaged it up and left it to heal again.

It healed better this time. The lines were darker and prominent and after a few days, it looked quite professional. I was pleased but still kept it covered up because I didn't want to explain to people that I had done it. It was only for my and select viewing.

It's been a few months since all of this happen and I'm sure a lot of you have guessed that it did fade in the end. Some of the lines, especially the first ones I made, are still pretty visible. A couple aren't even there anymore. But it doesn't look that bad and I'm still proud of my design. I'm glad I went through the experience and experience wise... I don't think going to a professional would have made the time any better.

I won't be hypocritical and say don't try this at home. But if you have the money, your design will turn out better at a studio then doing it yourself. I'd definitely recommend scarification to anyone who wants something new in their lives and I'm definitely going to get more done.

Professionally this time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: At+home
Location: Victoria%2C+BC

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