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Cutting loose my siblings

       Examining carefully and gently palpating my still tender, dark purple scars, I realize sharing my experiance here today, may give me hope... 

 I have, like many of you, gone through personal rituals--some self inflicted like superficial cutting and some such as  tattooing, piercing, flesh pull, deep cutting -scarification that required the talents of others as this experience will recount. I am proud of all my modifications and of the artists who gave a bit of themselves to mark my body. 

 Needed to somehow honor,show respect let them know they are part of me and then let them rest. The "they", are my three siblings that were all miscarriages. Forgotton at the least, they became figural during a recent therapy session. I came last i guess to bear the weight of all 4 of our lives; abuse, illness, confusion and deaths. 

Needed a hit, anhilistic , knee-buckling hit of adrenaline.Do you all feel the need for that ? I want to ask but don't want to intrude ,go figure. Been tossing around scarification and/or branding couldn't choose at the time but for sure i wanted David Vidra to facilitate this ritual which ever tool I chose! I have know him for a long time and have yet to meet any man so in touch and respectful of energy, space and ritual. 

 We were all finally able to coordinate schedules,my girlfriend and I were up from Columbus and we showed up at Bodywork around 8pm. I had faxed ,(per their suggestion), my simple drawing--(three triangles) the eve before...just sending the fax sent excitement shivers up my spine.

It was very mellow and calm in the shop when we arrived, seeing the familar storefront had me feeling as if I had never moved away from this wonderful old city.

Meeting David's crew for the first time was very cool, they all seemed excited yet respectful of the event to come. After some small revisions to my stencil, it was deemed to be placed on my thigh,with the longest triangle in the middle at about 5 inches long, the smaller ones flanking it----we were all ready to go---

  The shop exudes cleanliness and attention to detail at every juncture--with the stencil on, (this took a bit of noodling to get it just right).I was draped, told what was to occur ,cleaned and the first cut was made...the scalpels are small bladed individually sterilized instruments that David dosen't scrimp on. He says the process goes quicker and easier on us the clients with sharp fresh tools(he used a bunch).

Patient with my breathing, David waited and each painful cut was turned to extacy by the syncronicity of his and my breathing.

Yes each cut was the most painful modification sensation up till now for me , but each cut melted into a wash of light and energy so fast and huge, i didn't want that to stop ! My breathing could have delivered triplets at one point ,got a bit lightheaded, so we all slowed down and I re-focused and began again.

David asked if one of his staff who is learning some new skills could do two cuts---i felt totally safe and honored to be his first---very steady and smooth cuts, we were done !!

I was allowed to rest while two blood pressings were done by David as he explained the significance to his crew--it was given to me in a lovely red traveling biohazard bag ! They are really awsome !

  Up on aftercare ? You bet, this is not a "get it and forget it process". As with any body modification, there is specific aftercare--this one just happened to include sea salt, lemon juice and a brand new toothbrush !YIKES! After leaving it alone for the first evening, the first cleaning was the worst--mainly because i didn't follow the recipe and used straight sea salt with the tooth brush---oof--always listen to your piercer/tattooist/scarification/branding expert !After that first time it was not bad, I became frustrated when my scabs wouldn't brush off anymore, so I kept using Provon antibacterial soap and am still peeling skin as i write this. As I said in the beginning, my scars are a deep purple now and I probably have a few more peelings to go, hoping i will be left with a distinctive trio of scars from that very awsome evening. 

 Standing and looking at my leg I see my siblings with me but hopefully loosed into their otherworlds of existence.

Thank you David for making this scarification special, thank you Cindy for loving and staying by me and not being grossed out till later, and thank you Andy for not abandoning me.

   Thanks for reading my account and I hope you all are inspired to try new mods---i think i hear a branding strike hissing my name....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Sept. 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: David+Vidra+and+staff
Studio: Bodywork+Productions+Inc.
Location: Cleveland+Ohio

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