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First time adrenalin

First off, I wanna say that I am only fourteen but am very cautious and serious to procedure's like this. Just in case someone starts complaining about brutal hoolagins that are always off disturbing peace and vandalising things. Not all of us are dumb people that don't think about the risks and after effects. I for one, HAVE thought about them, and so did my friend, so on with the show.

This experience happened not so long ago. I have always been into body modifications, but not personally involved until just this year. I have started making designs for tattoo's and such for about a year, but they were all only doodles and not really meant to be tattoo's until just recently. Then I found BME and found out there was a type of body modification called scarification. I thought of it as a very unique type of body mod. This was very exciting and it all looked so cool. Looking at all the designs and the healed scars just intrigued me. I had done one on myself after learning about it.

After a couple of weeks, I had a friend over, Kate. She was staying the night. I showed her my scar and showed her the pictures that I have taken of it. She thought it looked pretty good. I then showed her the pictures on bme and she found a lot of them to be quite pretty and funky looking. I then offered to give her one, as a joke. Then she said sure. I was quite surprised because she's usually the cautious one that finds things like this stupid. She had never had something like this done to her before. The only body mods she's ever gone through were piercings. I then took this into serious thought. We started talking more about it as time passed that night and finally, we started making designs, picking some out and figuring a place to put the scar. We picked the designs that were made by her and I and decided to put it on her hips because we wanted them to be able to cover up because we had no parental consent. By the way, she's the same age as me.

I took out my precision knives, brought out a little cup of water, a roll of toilet paper and a lighter. I got out a new blade, put it in and burned it for a little while to burn bacteria. I told her to lay down on my bed and then I positioned myself comfortably enough so that I could cut her with ease. I wiped it off with a piece of toilet paper. (Un-used of course) I then took the design that I made on a piece of paper and taped it to her stomach to look at while I cut. My hands were shaking because it was my first time ever performing something like this on someone else, but my heart wasn't racing. I was calm and serious about it. Then, I started to cut.

First, I did it lightly, but cutting into the skin, just tracing the design until it looked perfect to me. After outlining it, I cut deeper until it started to bleed. Kate was ticklish through most of it, and that made it difficult for her to stay still. When I made curves and such, it hurt her a lot so I would tell her to think of the pain, as something she liked to feel. It worked! I finished with the first design, which was a sinister looking flame boy. Then moved on to the other hip. I did the same, took the design and taped it to her stomach. Then started cutting, lightly outlining it, then deeper afterwards. That design contained a combination of one number and a mix of two zodiac signs. Both things had sentimental value to Kate so she decided to cut it into her hip. I then took pictures of the two designs. We were both very pleased with the outcome and took about a dozen or more pictures. I couldn't believe I had just made a scarification on another person after the procedures. I was ecstatic, and so was she.

The next day, it was getting a bit uncomfortable for her because they started healing. Later on in the week, we suspected that the scars would not heal correctly, so she decided to pick at the scabs so they would bleed again. Now, they are all perfectly healed. The scar containing the zodiac scar was kind of a failure, but I'm happy to say that he flame boy looks really good for a first try! Kate wants me to cut deeper on her though, because she wants him to show up more. I can't wait until I do another body mod on someone again.

I don't recommend this to anyone, but it was soooooo fun. And the moral of the story is....there is no moral. Hoora! Thank you for your time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Sept. 2002
in Scarification

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