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The Feeling of Electricity

 After much deliberation, I decided to get a branding. I went back and forth quite a bit. Things of a permanent nature scare me to death. From marriage to tattoos. But the desire to feel that heat across my skin was too great to ignore.

Doug, an amazing artist, worked diligently creating the perfect star for me. Back and forth on the design I went. Each time Doug would trudge to the back of the studio with his pencils creating another design. And then he would trudge back to me and hand me another star. I decided, finally, on an eight pointed star. So it looks like two stars together, only one is upright and the other is inverted and the inverse points are filled in. Beautiful. Doug has a great creative mind.

Placement, well that was a tricky one. I am very private with my body. Visible work is somewhat minimal. Id rather sport my metal where public eyes cannot see. But this was different. This design was quite pretty and I wanted to be able to look at it myself. At anytime I wanted. I decided to have the brandings done on both of my inner wrists. As a sensation junkie I could not wait to feel that heat across one of the thinnest parts of my skin.

I put it off for a few days. Thinking about it constantly. Considering what my Mom would think. For some reason after all these years her voice always pops into my head before I get anything done to my body. Her thick New York accent saying, "Why the hell did you do that, if God had wanted you with mod x he would have made you born with it already!" Yes, well, as Lukas Zpira sais, Nobody's perfect. My mother would just have to get used to it.

The day had come and I could not wait. The EMLA cream was applied. I am not sure how well it worked since I got into a wresting match and a rubber band fight beforehand. I had a LOT of nervous energy to burn off. After a half hour or so had passed, the time had come. Doug and I went back into the room and he prepared.

He applied the outline and I looked at my naked wrists for the last time. We checked and double checked for symmetry. Perfection. Out came the pen shaped object. His voice became very calming. Talking to me and telling me what he was going to do. I think Doug has perhaps the best bedside manner out of anyone I know. You would not expect this from him but it is a truth.

The touchdown and the sensation. It was agony and bliss all at once. The feeling is incredibly hard to explain. All at once I never wanted it to stop and I could not wait for it to be over. A friend had come into the room and the fact that she was there made it feel that more comfortable. A hand on my shoulder or a few fingers in my hair made me feel safe and relaxed. I was going into the pain nexxus. Where all your senses are heightened. The electric feeling shot from the point of touchdown all the way up my arms. Never at any point did I want to stop. Doug kept asking the whole way through if I was feeling OK. And, yes, I sure was. I can't say how long it took really. Time had escaped. I don't think the procedure lasted very long at all. I would have to say the only thing I did not enjoy about the whole thing was the smell of my burning skin. I could have done without that.

When it was over Doug snapped a few pictures and we all admired his work. I was extremely pleased and knew I had made the right decision in getting it done. I kept staring at them for the rest of the night. My father thought I had gone completely mad screaching" Who took a cattle prod to you!" Now, he thinks they are kind of neat.

Over the next few months, the brands mutated into different shapes. They itched like mad. The worst part was the scab picking. Each bit of scab removed was an itchy ouch. Hot water in the shower was not much better. I would try and remove those creepy cool scabs evenly without too much difference so they would scar evenly. Quite a few times as well, my new kitty, stuck her claws into them. Yikes! She kept trying to lick them, too.

Now, they look awesome and actually, quite even. Two beautiful light red scars. It seems as though they have always been there. Thank you Doug for doing such a great job!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 April 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Doug
Studio: Modern+Tribalism
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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