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My first attempts with scarification.

Well I always wanted to get some scarification done and one day I just said "hey I think I will give that a try myself" so I did a bit of research on the subject for about a month, trying to find out what the best techniques were for cutting, and aftercare. So I went to the local medical supply shop and got some scalpels, wrapping, and tegaderm (a bandage that keeps the area moist). The information I compiled on my initial try was to just cut the skin about 2 millimeter deep and then just do all you can to make sure it does not close or heal for a long while and in that way it would leave a nice scar. My first attempt was a design on my leg and measured about 5 inches across by 9 inches high. To start I prepared some NEW clean cloths, NEW scalpels, a new bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol (ummmm say ouch), matches, the tooth brush I use on my dog (kidding it was also new of course), a spray bottle with water, and a carbon copy of the design to be done. To begin I shaved my legs, and washed them thoroughly. I then took a carbon transfer of the design I wanted sprayed my leg with water where the design was to be placed and transferred the design to my skin. I then took a scalpel and cut the design into my skin just about a millimeter deeper than cutting edge of the scalpel blade, once it gets that deep it actually sounds like you are cutting something with scissors and it is somewhat tough to cut (though that may be because of the whole experience of purposely slicing through my skin). During the whole process of cutting I was making sure to spray with water and spread apart with my fingers the cuts so that they would stay open. Once I was finished cutting I went into the bathroom and scrubbed the whole area down with few clean cloths (very nice and bloody), I then scrubbed it hard with a new tooth brush and then dabbed quite a bit of alcohol all over the area and with a towel in one hand I lit the area with a match, once I could not stand it anymore I put the towel over it. I then repeated this process of rubbi ng, scrubbing, and cauterizing whenever I could for about a week or so.

About two weeks after my initial try at it I attempted another this time on my other leg and much smaller, I did this one in the same manner except this time I continued the rubbing, scrubbing and cauterizing until the area healed.

It has been about two years now sense I did this scarification. The results of these attempts were not as good as I would have wished for. The initial attempt is now quite faded, very thin and has no feel when you touch it. As for the second attempt it is a great deal better than the first, it is mostly white in color, and I can feel it bump out of the skin a little if I rub my finger across it.

After much more research I came to the conclusion that actually cutting out a section or line of the skin is much better way to do it. The backing behind that is that sense you remove a section of the skin it is a lot harder for your body to heal that area without leaving much scar tissue. I have also found with this method the cauterizing is not at all necessary great results can come without it.

My third try was definitely the best. I set out trying to get a scar with a good thick line (about 3/8" thick) and a noticeable protrusion from the skin. I prepared in the just about the same way as I did for the others, minus the alcohol, matches, and tooth brush. This time after transferring the design to the location I wanted I stared cutting on an angle to the skin so I could cut out a nice V shaped line of skin, I would cut one side at an angle then the other side so that they would meet under the skin and I could just take the skin away (like this
/ ). After finishing the entire cutting I took a clean cloth soaked and scrubbed it all down and covered it in tegaderm to keep it moist. I repeated the scrubbing process every few hours to make sure the "wound" stayed open and would start building up scar tissue.

It is now about 4 month later and the scar feels like it is just now healing! It is very sensitive to the touch but does look very nice. The line is nice and think, the scaring is a good light color, and the scar bumps out about 2 millimeters.

All I can say after all of that is to do you research and you will be much better off. I hope this writing helps someone answer the questions they need for that they are looking to do.

Thanks, J


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Jan. 2002
in Scarification

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