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I took the cut

Before I start, here's a little introduction: My name is Kym, and I have been interested in body "mods" for a couple years now. I currently have 14ga septum, 14ga labret, reg. ear piercings, and nipple/navel/hood piercing (s). I never really was all into scarification, until I came across www.bmezine.com and discovered what a wonderful world scarification has.

My story

About six months ago, I was surfing the web and came across this one girls website. She had a cool website on it called Bmezine.com. I didn't think much of it, until I actually went to it. I had been interested in piercings and tattoos for quite a while now, but only then I've discovered that amazing word: Scarification. It looked fun, interesting and well,...stayed there forever (if done correctly) like a tattoo, but without the ink. This seemed so awesome to me, and it also seemed easy. I found out I can go into a studio and get it done, or I can get something on my body branded. I was short on cash, so I thought to myself: "Why can't I do it myself?"

My brillant idea was put into action. First, I decided to talk to my friends about it and confirm it with my boyfriend at the time. I knew I didn't HAVE to, but I WANTED to. We all talked, and I found out that one of my friends had scarification done! I was sort of peeved off, because he should have told me before hand, so I can actually see what it looked like. He had a pretty dragon on his back. I asked him some questions if it hurt and so on. All the answers to the questions were "No".

That's when I decided it was time.

I woke up six a.m. that morning, because I couldn't sleep and decided on a design for my scar. I thought and thought, half-asleep and finally figuered it out. I would scar a pentagram into ..into...into...where? I haven't yet decided the part of my body that I wanted the scar to go on. I know this sounds retarded, but I was half-asleep and couldn't figure out anything other than the design. So I thought I'd sleep on it. When I woke up, I realized that the perfect place for my scar would be on my wrist (left). And I also felt good with my selection, because it meant a lot to me. It wasn't any old pentagram, it was part of my religion (and still is).

Later that day, I talked to my friend to see if he could re-call what the piercers used on him to make the scar at the parlor. He said he couldn't remember. So this meant, I'd have to find something safe yet dangerous to make my scar with. I didn't want to use a kitchen knife, because that just WOULDN'T work (haha), nor did I want to use no needle. So I looked around my room, and found an exacto-knife. A brand-new exacto-knife. I decided to use that.

I put the knife in some disinfectant gel, and waited five minutes. After that, I drew the pentagram as best as I could on my left wrist. It looked pretty decent I figured, so I disinfected the area with that gel I used before the clean the knife. My skin felt cool, as I started to outline my pentagram with the knife. Slowly, but nicely...the exacto-knife cut through my skin, exposing my flesh to the outer world. My outline was some-what complete. The area was red, but no blood was coming yet. So I continued to outline the pentagram for about 1 hour, until I felt it was complete. I cleaned the area off with water, and disinfectant and started working on the second outline. This took another hour.

The overall process took 3 hours, non-stop.

After it was all done, it wouldn't stop bleeding, so stupid me wrapped my wrist up in bandages, and waited 1 day. The next day, I unwrapped my wrist, and saw my brand new scar. It was pretty, or so it seemed. Red as fire, and sore it was...

For the next three days, it felt very sore and I had to take good care of it, making sure it didn't get infected or the area wasn't exposed to un-clean places when I went shopping or downtown. It would be very easy to catch some sort of disease, so I had to be careful.

In approximately one week, my scar started scabbing. I decided I wouldn't pick the scabs off, because it would never heal and look all pretty like my friends did. So, therefore....

I waited, and waited. Waited some more, and finally...

After two weeks or so, my scar turned white and you could see it clearly. I certainly was impressed, and so was everyone else. I also didn't think the scar would turn out so perfect, so good, so pretty.

Now, I clean it, and have a constant reminder of my religion, and of who I really am. I also see it everyday, and I know I can't remove it. Personally, I believe Scarification is much better than tattoos, because it's also there forever, but it's not as flashy and not so noticeable like tattoos. I enjoy my scar a lot, and since then...I have had a professional scarification done on my back and I haven't regretted anything.

Scarification is the way to go!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Jan. 2002
in Scarification

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