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something about nipple scarification

So it was the day before I was supposed to go back to school, something that had once been an exciting experience, but turned into well, not exciting. So I was using my last day at home to spend every single second with Lee, just because I love her so much. I had to go into the shop to let Nick get pictures of my back, which had been scarred the previous week, and was healing all nicely.
I should add right now that I am seriously a junkie, not like a heroin addict, I swear that I purposely try to stay away from the shop, just because I know that if I go there, I will end up getting something done, it's the best/worst addiction/love in the world.
But on this day I had to go, for the pictures and to just say bye to everyone, not even thinking that I would be there long enough to get anything done at all. I am always so wrong about everything... Well basically Nick and I got into a conversation about future scarring projects/possibilities, and he came up with some really cool stuff but alas I didn't have the surface area available for what he really wanted to do. He basically did not want to do "another star". Like my friend Kaleb said, "I came back from New Mexico and it was like there was a meteor shower in Elmira."
So, then someone has the bright idea that stars are okay, as long as they are someplace cool. (and I was thinking, yeah, like all over my body, seeing as that is where I have them) and we come up with stars scarred around the nipple. I was skeptical to say the least as it's a pretty sensitive area to begin with, and I am really not all that comfortable with my breasts..blah blah blah, to make a long story short, he outlined the stars on me so I could think about how it would look and whether I really wanted it or not. And after about probably 3 more hours...I decided that I really did want it done.
Since my back had hurt so much I was really nervous about this area being cut into. But since I was all about being "more hardcore" (haha—riiiiight) I decided to just suck it up and go for it.
To my surprise, this didn't hurt half as much at all. There was no uncontrollable twitching, no having to wrap my legs around anything, no wanting to scream too much. There was a rawer feeling than with my back, and Nick even said that it was a really weird kind of flesh to cut, but it wasn't all in all as painful as everyone seems to think...especially looking at the pictures which are bloody as hell, but hey, you cut yourself, there is gonna be blood, it's a well known fact.
The whole procedure, again didn't take more than a half and hour, although the left one did give him more trouble than the right. ( I always knew it was the trouble-maker) I was also expecting the benzine stuff to hurt a lot in this area, but it wasn't too bad, the same burning pain, that was over in a few seconds. So we plastic wrapped me all up and got ready to go, and Nick decided that he isn't quite done, but that, my friends isn't allowed in this particular experience, you'll have to go to the piercing experience and wait for me to write about it, which I will... So a little later I leave to go home to pack for school. I did it in record time. Really I was impressed with myself especially since I could hardly move...and it was fun trying to pretend that nothing was differnt when i was hugging family goodbye and all. my friedns all knew and were really careful not to sqeeze too hard, and mommy probably got pretty worried when i brought like 5 people into the bathroom to "see something". she probably would have been even more worried if she knew that it was my boobs. oh well. so it was also really great the when daddy made me drive, sitting in a car for 4 hours, uncomfortably, and driving with cellophane wrapped around open wounds isn't the coolest thing in the world, but I got through it.
They healed really really fast and well, only a littel itchy, which isnt all that attractive, but again, a lot of things arent. in fact my back took longer and I got it done first, they haven't ever given me any problems with the healing or looking funny or anything...the only thing that has been a problem is that I got back together with my boyfriend, and he hates it all....but really, that is just a whole other story, and not a very interesting one at that...so yeah, go star nipples. Do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Dec. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Nick+Boggs
Studio: Visual+Impact
Location: Elmira+Heights+%2C+New+York

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