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The stench of burning flesh.....

wasn't something that I could really smell all that strong, possibly due to my belly being full of "Olde E". I woke up on Sunday morning, and as I was getting ready for the day, i noticed something wrong about my wrists. It felt like I should have stars burnt into them, but I didn't. So I decided to make it happen.I am a pretty lightly modified person in comparison wth a lot of other people- pierced conch's and rooks, and a half back tattoo, but I felt that I was ready to try something a little less mainstream. I would haver gone to a pro, but I haven't really heard anything positive about the scarification work of any artists in the Denver area. I've always liked star and sun tattoos, but I thought that they are a little played out, and I was looking for something a little more tribal looking without a lame ass tribal sun tattoo. Since it is an ancient symbol, I figured an ancient method of application might be the best way to do it. I knew that any markings on my wrist would be very visible, but I work as an automotive technician, so I don't really have to look nice for anyone. While I was still sober for the day, I drew the lines on my wrists where I decided I was going to make the brands. Then I redrew them a few times until I decided they were in the absolutely perfect position and placement. I gathered my highly specialized tools for this job, which consisted of a few sterile prep pads, a coat hanger, and an adjustable lighter. Not the right equipment I'm sure, but it worked. Next step- malt liquor. I drank myself a couple of 40's, and decided I was ready. I bent the hanger so I had the right length to be applied to my skin, and then I heated it up with the lighter until it was glowing red hot. I gathered all my courage, and then pushed the still glowing hanger into the firdt drawn line on my wrist. I'd had burns before, but never ones where I intentionally kept the heat on for 15 seconds. It hurt, t say the least, but was definitely a very tolerable pain because the burn became completely numb after the first few seconds. I continued for five more strikes, until the pattern was done. Each strike released a puff of smoke, but I was too drunk to really smell it. I then decided that the burns weren't deep enough, so I redid the whole thing three more times. I was too tired to do the other wrist, but I will later in the week.I then fell asleep. There has been little pain in the days since- I think I did it deep and hot enough to effectively cauterize the nerve endings involved. The patch of skin right around the brand is pretty pink, but there is no sign of infection whatsoever in the actual burn. In the morning I woke up and it still didn't hurt. I decided that I didn't do it deep enough though, so once it has healed, I'm going to redo it and use the proper tools. I talked to a friend of mine who is a professional tattoo artist, and he has done 2 brands on himself. He told me that I would have had more satisfying results the first try if I had used a better tool to heat the metal up with, and if I had used a wider piece of metal to brand myself with. I agree with the heating par, but I think that the brand would like bad If it was any wider, but I won't know that for sure until it is fully healed/scarred over. This is the first non tattoo/piercing mod that I have done, and I am pleased with it even in its unfinished state. It has a very primal and aggresive look, especially since it is placed almost on the back of my hand- its just about a quarter inch up my wrist. Even so, after I make my other wrist match, I think I may stick with tattoos because I like the artwork of them more, but I am still definitely very pleased with what I have done to my wrist. If you want to do a brand, I'd say go for it, but people are going to give you some real weird looks if you tell them you burnt your flesh on purpose. I would recommend using a better heating method than a lighter also- like a hot plate or a stove, so the metal is heated more evenly. If you decide on placing a brand on your wrist like I did, be sure to remember to position it right so that it will look right, because your wrist flexes a lot.
Until next time-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Nov. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Me+myself+and+I
Studio: In+the+basement
Location: Denver

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